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Going Viral


Publishing original content is an important part of your marketing strategy. If your content goes viral, it takes on a life of its own, being shared, talked about and gathering natural backlinks with very little effort. Getting your content to go viral, however, is no easy task. With enormous competition for the attention of Internet users, your content must stand out from the crowd. While it is difficult to predict how popular your marketing efforts may be, there are things you can do to increase the chances of your content going viral.

Do something outrageous

Many of the most popular online videos include crazy stunts or outrageous behaviour. Videos that shock and surprise viewers are among the most shared of all. This doesn't mean that you have to do something dangerous or illegal; ordinary situations can be made to shock and surprise by the addition of an unexpected element.

Make people think

Posing open questions, asking for interesting solutions or offering new ways of looking at old problems can all be effective ways to grab the attention of Internet users. Content that makes people think is also more likely to be shared and talked about.

Create a catchy tune

Jingles, sound bites or catchy tunes can all help increase the chances of your content going viral. Even annoying tunes can have a positive outcome for your marketing efforts, as Internet users become familiar with the tune and start to associate it with your brand.

Offer something valuable

Free gifts, discounts, compelling offers and interesting information can all help to increase sharing of your content. It doesn't have to cost anything to offer something of value; offering instructional content, professional advice and other valuable information can be just as effective as offering free gifts.

Tug on the heart strings

Animals have an enormous amount of selling power. Videos, photographs and content involving animals are among the most shared of all content. Cute animals, baby animals and animals doing unusual things are all popular with Internet users. Children and babies also have a similar effect, while videos containing both animals and children can be even more popular.

Consider humour

Funny video clips and images have always been popular. However, if you run your own company, website or blog, you must take great care with humour. Humour is rarely universal, which means that while many people may find your content funny, others may be offended. Think carefully and get plenty of impartial opinions before posting humorous content.

Keep an eye on current trends

Keeping up with current events, concerns and trends will help you to plan ways to make your content relevant. Use news stories, social media trends and popular culture to inform your decision making. Additionally, pay attention to other viral content to see what lessons you can learn from their success.

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