SEO No Nos: Guaranteed Ways to Kill Your Site

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SEO No Nos


Everyone knows the importance of great SEO techniques to the success of your website or blog. What many people do not realize, however, is that there are some definite no nos when it comes to SEO... deadly mistakes that can kill your site without your realizing there is a problem. As you build your site's search engine optimization strategies, make sure you are not sabotaging your own success by engaging in these success killers:

  • Naming Your Home Page 'Home' – The title tag is a very powerful resource in making sure your site appears in the index listings of search engines. In fact, this tag is so powerful that it is considered by many to be the most vital aspect of your website design. Unfortunately, many website owners overlook this resource and forget to change their title tag from its default setting of 'Home'. Unless your target market is likely to be searching for Home in the search engines, change your title tag to fit your page and to include relevant keywords that will drive traffic to your page.
  • Using a Flash Intro – Flash animations are pure visual appeal and can add punch to an otherwise dull landing page. Unfortunately, flash pages are not read by search engines so including them can quickly land your website in no man's land. While you may think of your supreme flash pages as attention grabbers, they will do little more for your site than increase load times, irritate visitors, and ruin your search engine rankings.
  • Talking People to Death – Too many people, especially those new to website building, try to cram as much text as possible onto a page in order to host a wide variety of keywords. While it may seem that casting a wide net will catch the most fish, the opposite is actually true. Most visitors will simply hit the back button to escape the visual text assault instead of reading a single word. Over time, this can really hurt your search engine rankings and can derail your entire SEO plan.
  • Ad Nauseum – Yes, ads do provide you with a chance to make some money. Putting too many ads on your site will only make it too busy and spammy and can create a problem with search engines. While you definitely need some visual elements on your page, even advertisements, you must make sure to include a description or caption for every graphic. Typically, you need to add between 150 and 300 characters of text for any graphic.
  • Abusing the Side bars – You may be tempted to fill your side bars with advertisements, especially if you hope to make money through affiliate marketing endeavors. Instead of helping you make money, this tactic will derail your SEO efforts. Instead of loading your side bars with ads, consider using this valuable space for rank/authority and inner linking. Not only will this make your site visually appealing, it will also boost your SEO and help your rankings a great deal.

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