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Apple Maps


There's been a lot of talk over Apple Maps lately. With Apple releasing iPhone 5, and iOS6, the map program developed by the geniuses in Cupertino is getting some heat. Apparently, people are getting iLost. The Apple maps program does need some work. The signs on the top of the program can be a little confusing, especially if you are moving the map around to see where you'll be going. That's ironic, since Apple pitches itself as a user-friendly company with a stunning UI.

Critics are calling Maps a "complete failure." If that's the case, why worry about Maps? In a word: Apple users. The type of people using an iPhone are a very different kind of consumer. Most Apple consumers love Apple. They love their devices. They might go out of their way to use 3rd party apps, but if Maps is "good enough," most won't bother.

What you need to be cognizant of is the fact that Yelp and Apple are like peanut butter and jelly. Google places is nowhere to be found. That's not exactly news. Everyone knew that Apple would not be using Google for reviews and search queries on Siri. It seemed very logical for Apple to go deeper with Yelp, and that's exactly what they did.

For business owners, this means that they now have to scramble to claim their Yelp page. Millions of users will no longer be using Google Maps, and that's going to hurt. For webmasters, this is going to be an opportunity of a lifetime. If you cater to small businesses, or even if you're in a B2C market, you can capitalize on this wave of new users to an almost "unknown" review site. Yes, Yelp's been around for a little while. Yes, there are reviews on there. However, it's not as well known as Google. That's probably going to change.

Getting in now, claiming your company page (and getting a backlink), and marketing through Yelp Ads on Yelp are all going to be the focus of smart marketers this year. Traffic to Yelp - especially mobile traffic - is probably going to go up. Don't think it's worth chasing Yelp traffic? Think again. According to analytics firm comScore, Apple owns 33.4 percent of the smartphone market and it's already known that Google Maps on iPhone was a huge money maker in terms of ad revenue. That's part of the reason why Google poured billions of dollars into Maps. If Apple can sort out its Maps program quickly, it's going to take over all of the traffic that Google once had on its devices - traffic that will generate a lot of revenue (and traffic) for Yelp. If you're there to catch the flow of traffic, you're going to benefit. If not, you're going to miss out big time.

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