Why Did Your Google Ranking Drop?

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There are different reasons why a website or web-pages can drop in there ranking, and this article will explain some of them.


Google Ranking Sudden Drop


First you should make sure that your site was not banned from Google. To check this, you can simply do a Google search and type in If your site has been banned, there will be no results and nothing will appear. If your pages are still listed in Google but just removed from their previous locations, they will appear in the search.

So if your site is still in Google, but is located at a much lower spot than before, your site may have been penalized. If you go to your Webmasters Tools you will be able to send in a reconsideration request, where you have to write down all of the things you have done that may have been in violation to the Google Guidelines, and what you have done to fix the problem. The Google team will then look through your request, and if your sites were in fact penalized, they will remove the penalty, once the site has been fixed and no longer violate the guidelines.

If the site was not manually penalized, it was hit by one of the Google algorithms such as the Panda or Penguin.

The Panda algorithm is targeting low quality content. So if you have pages on your site that are not as great as they could be, you should either improve or remove them.

The Penguin algorithm focuses on spam, so if you know that you are doing something spammy, this may have been the reason for the drop. So if you have been unnaturally creating backlinks that all have the same keyword targeted anchor text, this could very well have been the reason why this algorithm has punished your site.

There are many things that could hurt your ranking, and here is a short list of 10 things you should not do, and which could really hurt your business.

1 – Buying and selling links
2 – Spam blogs and forums
3 – Keyword stuffing
4 – Get backlinks from bad neighborhoods
5 – Focusing more on making money than on providing good content
6 – Cloaking
7 – Link exchange
8 – Duplicate content
9 – Black-hat marketing
10 – Slow page speed

So take some time to clean up your website and make sure that you are not violating any of the Google Guidelines, or doing something that would be considered black hat marketing.

So how can you improve your business?

So if you want to improve your business and recover from any penalty or algorithm punishment, you should work on making your site better in any way that you can. So here is a list of 10 things you can do to improve your business and your ranking.

1 – Have great and unique content that people would want to link to
2 – Guest blogging
3 – Get links from high authority sites
4 – Vary your keyword anchor text and make it more natural
5 – Participate in forums and communities to get your name out
6 – Offer a good and safe costumer service
7 – Send out mails and newsletters
8 – Get on Facebook and Twitter
9 – Stay updated in your niche
10 – Make your site look new and professional.

So start by working on the above examples and do everything you can to improve your business. Be patient and let the site slowly move its way to the top again. Just do a little every single day to clean up and improve anything that needs to be improved on your website.

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