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It’s no question that blogging can do wonders for your site’s ranking and traffic. Having a blog allows you to gain more SEO juice and more importantly, it serves a way to engage and communicate with your visitors.

However, a lot of people get frustrated with blogging mainly because they’re not seeing enough results, traffic-wise. If you’re having the same issue, check out the following tips below and see how you can get more people to visit and spread the word about your blog.

Be consistent – This is probably the most crucial blogging tip that you can get. Blog often, and do it consistently. Don’t be the type of blogger that publishes a great post, then disappears from the blogosphere for several months. If you really want to sustain a steady level of traffic to your website, then you must steadily produce content as well.

Create an editorial calendar and plan your posts in advance. This will not only keep you on track with your blog, but it will also motivate you to write more often.

Use images – The rise of Pinterest and other similar sites proves that we are moving towards a more image-based world. However, just because blogging usually deals with words and not pictures doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of these image-heavy trends.

Add interesting images to your blog posts and submit them to Pinterest and Instagram. Doing so not only gives people the chance to read the post, but it also allows them to re-pin and share your content, thereby opening up more traffic opportunities.

If you’re on Pinterest, look into the various tools that you can use to share your content. Share As Image for instance, lets you convert any highlighted text into an image, while Pinstamatic is a great tool that allows you to pin text, quotes, locations, and URLs.

Do your research – Data and statistics make for really interesting blog posts. Subscribe to blogs and publications in your industry and make sure that you’re always abreast with the latest studies and surveys in your industry. You can also check out research hubs such as Nielsen or Think with Google to view interesting studies in any given field. If you find something interesting, be sure to blog about it and add in your own insights and opinions.

Comment on other blogs – You know the saying about how you must give in order to receive? Well the same principle applies to the blogosphere. If you want to get more visitors and comments into your blog then start by visiting and commenting on other blogs yourself. Check out websites in your industry, read their content, and leave your two cents whenever you can. You’ll not only get attention of the blog owner, but their visitors who read your comments might even pay a visit to your site.

Not sure where to find other blogs in your field? Go to, choose a category, and check out the blogs listed for the given topic.

Tell stories – Sharing tips and strategies is great, but if you really want to make your posts interesting, then try to include stories in some of your blog posts. See if you have any personal experiences that you can relate to what you’re blogging about, and share these anecdotes with your visitors. Doing so will allow readers to relate to you more.

Additionally, people tend to remember information more effectively if there’s a fascinating story behind it. This means that telling great stories on your site can help you and your website be top of mind with your visitors, prospects, and customers.

Be social – Always post new blog entries to your social networks to alert your fans and followers of new content. On top of this, be sure to participate in other social network conversations happening around you. Don’t just post your stuff and leave. Instead, visit other accounts and pages, and share your thoughts about their posts. Make connections with others. Share their content on your own page, and you’ll find that they might even do the same for you.

Mix up content formats – A great way to keep your blog interesting and motivate people to visit more often is by mixing up content formats. Try not to stick with only one type of post. Instead, post videos, images, or even interviews and give people something new to see. Check out what other websites are doing to keep things exciting. Or better yet, do a survey and ask your visitors what types of content they wish to see more of.

Team up with others – Like most things in life, blogging is also more fun when other people are on board. Remember that you are not an island. Socialize with fellow bloggers and see if you can form a mutually beneficial relationship. Consider conducting a contest together to gain more visitors. Why not swap blog posts and promote each other’s content? Doing so will not only get more your friends, but it will allow you to tap into other bloggers’ readers and vice versa.

Blog about current events and trending topics – Take advantage of holidays and current events to gain new visitors. If something interesting takes place, try to relate that event to your industry and see if you can weave a great blog post out of it. Is it the holiday season? Write about the holiday spirit and link it to your field. Is there a big sporting event going on? (i.e. Olympics, FIFA World Cup) Then see if you can spot anything that you do a blog post on. Writing about current events opens up more opportunities for new visitors. Since more people are likely searching for big events and trending topics, publishing a blog post that’s relevant to these events will give you better chances of being seen.

Invite readers to take action – Sometimes, you just have to spell it out to people. If you want them to like, comment, or share your content, then ask them to. Want to get more retweets? Include a “please RT” in your posts. Studies show that these call to action statements increase the chances of people doing something, so by all means, invite all your readers to take action. More comments, likes, and shares will increase the chances of other users visiting your blog, so do your best to get your visitors to spread the word about your content.

Another subtle way of prodding people to do something is by asking questions. In your next blog post, try asking a thought-provoking question and invite readers to share their thoughts by commenting.

So there you have it. The top ten ways to get more visitors to your blog. Have you tried any of these tactics? If so, what were the results? Do you have any other tips to share? Comment below!

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