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Do you have ads on your pages but never get any clicks? This is a problem for many people and if you rely on the money you get through these ads, it can be extremely frustrating when your click through rate (CTR) is 0,5 percent or lower. Read through this article and learn some simple things you can do to increase your CTR and get more money from your hard work.

CTR Factors

Before you can get any clicks you need to have traffic. If you do not have traffic to your website, it will be completely impossible to earn any money until you learn some SEO and work on promoting your website so that you can get on the front page of Google, where people are more likely to find you. But maybe your problem is not traffic. Maybe you get a great amount of page views and unique visitors to your site each day, but none of them click your ads. If this is your problem, you should proceed to the following steps and see what you can do to turn this around.

Are your ads even visible? If your ads are all located at the bottom of the page, the only people who are ever going to see them are the people who actually read through your entire page. According to Matt Cutts from the Google spam team, placing ads at the top of the page may actually not be good for your site and your ranking, if you do this on every page on your website. Ads can very easily look spammy, and if you put making money before providing your readers with great content, it could have a negative effect on your sites ranking in Google.

So where to place those ads?
A great place for placing ads where it will get seen and clicked is inside your content. So if you have a full page of content, place your ads inside it preferably to the left, since peoples eyes are more in the left corner of a page. It will also look more natural to the left side and look really relevant for the readers, instead of just a spammy way for you to make money.

If the ads that are shown on your pages are not relevant to the topic the readers want to learn more about, you will not get any clicks, which is quite understandable. If you went to a website about cars, would you click an ad about dating Asian women? Probably not, and so you have to sort out all the irrelevant ads that are shown on your site. To do this you can go to you own website and see what is being shown. Whenever you see an ad that is not relevant for your reader, copy the URL of the ad, without clicking on the ad of course, and then go to you ads account. If you use Google Adsense you have to click the “Allow and Block Ads” button at the top menu and then go to “blocking options” and then “Advertiser URLs”. Here you can paste the URL of the different ads you find on your page that are not relevant for your readers and which are causing your low click through rate. So paste all the URLs and then click the button “Block URLs” and you are done. This has to be done once in a while, since new ads are created all the time.

The size of the ad is not unimportant. Basically the bigger the ad is, the more likely it is that people will notice it and click it. But you also have to think about how it looks on your page. Does it disturb the entire layout because of the size or does it fit neatly into your page and does it look natural? So do not go for the largest ad if you page layout is small and petite. If you are going to place your ads inside the content it can be a good idea to use the medium rectangle or large rectangle, which will look most natural inside the page. If you want your ads in between paragraphs, you may want to go for a leaderboard, which will not break the page so roughly as a rectangle in the middle of your page, where there will be a huge amount of empty space around it, if you do not want your ad integrated with your textual content. So play around with different sizes and find the one that fits your layout.

The color of your ads is also important and can help it look more natural and less like an ad. If your background color is white, you should never go for a black ad, as this will not look like a natural integration of the ad. Sure, the ad will stick out and people will notice it, but not in a good way. People basically do not like ads, as they know that the website owner and ad owner are only interested in making money. And if you create a black or colored ad on a white page, it is very clear that it is an ad and not just a shared link from the website owner. You need to make the ads look like links you think are relevant for the readers and something you want them to use to learn more about your niche. So create an ad that uses the same font size, type and color as the rest of your text. The link however should not be black, as people wont know they can click it. Make it a regular blue color, or whatever color your other links have.

So adjust your ads and experiment a little. Something what works for some people may not work for you and your readers. Also remember to analyze your stats, which is just as important as adjusting your ads. You need to see if it has made any difference so that you can adjust them further to get the best click through rate possible.

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