5 Social Media Myths Busted

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Social Media Myths


You've got a social media account - maybe several. What do you do now? If you're like most companies you either sit on it, post a few updates, or hire someone to take care of that stuff because it's laborious and doesn't lead to any kind of real bottom line results, right? Hold on a second. Social media isn't just for kids and Facebook isn't the only game in town. Have you bought into these other myths?

1) Myth: Google+ is dumb.

Fact: Yes Google+ hasn't been as popular as Facebook. However, Google+ posts are showing up in the search results. If you want more visibility, get back on Google+ and get to work. There are 100 million people on Google's social network. If you start posting, someone's going to see it. Your profile will show up next to the search results for posts that shows up in search results. Consider that a good thing. So, even if you're not seeing a lot of engagement on Google+, you might see some benefit in the search results from frequent posts.

2) Myth: You should only spend time on getting fans who might become customers.

Fact: If you've fallen into this trap, you've fallen for the short-sighted approach to social networking. Just like real networking, being short-sighted doesn't work. It's networking. You have to network. That means that making friends with someone else who isn't your ideal customer may know someone else who is. When you connect with someone on Facebook, you don't just connect with them, you get the potential to connect with their friends.

If they are very social people, chances are you'll end up making friends with their friends and their friends' friends and so on. Or, they may refer business directly to you.

3) Myth: You need massive content to feed the beast.

Fact: The bad thing about social media is that anything you post disappears into the ether in about 30 seconds. The good thing about social media is that, if you repurpose that content, no one will remember what you just posted. Don't post the exact same article. Change it up a bit, then repost it. It doesn't have to be an entirely new piece of content. It just has to be "new enough" so that the people who didn't see it the first time around (or people who've forgotten that they've seen it) get the opportunity to catch it the second time it hits your company's wall.

4) Myth: Social media marketing doesn't drive results.

Fact: Hello Facebook ads. Linkedin ads. These things work. Start an ad campaign and send those users to your fan page or profile. From there, you can funnel prospects to your company's website and introduce them to your fabulous content.

5) Myth: You shouldn't be too personal on social networking sites.

Fact: It's a social networking site. People expect you to be social. Most companies risk looking stuffy if they don't show a personal, softer, side. It's OK to "let your hair down" and interact with your fans. Share things that have nothing to do with your business. Get a little more personal than everyone else in your industry. You might be surprised by the engagement you get.

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