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You don't have a good social networking strategy. It's difficult. You post, comment, like, and tweet, and yet nothing happens. What should you do? One thing that might help is to take a look at your marketing strategy. Don't get pulled in too many different directions at once. Instead, focus on these five proven marketing strategies that have always worked and will probably always work.

1) Good Content

Good content always wins the day. People love interesting stories, funny pictures, and shocking videos. The more good content you post up to your social media account, the better. Don't worry too much about content creation itself. Even curated content can win the day on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Because content moves so quickly on social networking sites, you can repurpose the content you previously posted and keep user engagement up. How do you repurpose content? Simple. Have someone rewrite it for you or rewrite it yourself.

2) Consistency

It's not enough to log on once a week to check your fan page on Facebook. If you don't update it often enough, you'll lose your fans' interest. Likewise, when you do log on, you don't want to throw a bunch of content at your users all at once. Instead, log in a few times a week and post something interesting that you think your fans would like to read. As your fan page becomes more popular, you can continue to post more frequently. Perhaps you up the posting to once per day. Then two times per day. If you have trouble keeping up with the content requirements, consider contacting someone like FanNewscast to help you curate content for Facebook. That should free up some time for you.

3) Using All Available Features

Every social networking site has a multitude of features you can (and should) use. Take advantage of those features. For example, completely fill out your LinkedIn profile on LinkedIn. Use keywords in your profile to show LinkedIn what it should rank you for in its search engine. Once you've optimized your profile, join groups filled with your ideal customers. Some of these groups have over 50,000 subscribers. Some have over 100,000. Even a small group with 10,000 subscribers is good. You can join in on discussions, post links to helpful articles, and even point people back to your company's website.

4) Linking Your Social Sites

This is something that a lot of companies still aren't doing for some reason. You can link all of your social sites together and push content to them from your blog. That way, regardless of where your users happen to be, they'll see you.

5) Having Good Manners

Just because social media sites are a relaxed atmosphere on the web, doesn't mean you get to do anything you want. For example, it's considered bad manners to overtly promote yourself and your brand on Twitter. While LinkedIn is a "business casual" type of site, it's not "ripped T-shirt and jeans" casual. Keep it professional over there. Facebook has its own set of social rules. People generally look at Facebook like an online coffee shop - a place to hang out, read cool stuff, look at funny pictures, and chat with friends. While they might "like" corporate pages, they're not there to be pitched to. You have to engage them in a conversation, and post content that they come there to consume. If they like you, they'll come to your fan page and eventually make their way to your corporate site.

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