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LinkedIn Company Pages


LinkedIn isn't dead. Far from it. A lot of SEO companies have been pooling their best talent and trying to figure out how to take advantage of LinkedIn's new company pages. Everyone is familiar with LinkedIn's standard profile pages, but the social networking giant for professionals has upped the ante by allowing you to set up an awesome company profile page. What you might not know is that LinkedIn has made it somewhat simple to optimize your page for maximum visibility. All you have to do is follow a few simple tips.

Use the Home Tab For Career and Products

You don't have to battle LinkedIn's profile page template for good visibility of your company's products and services. LinkedIn gives you a nice sidebar on the "home" tab that features this information for you. Your company can also list career opportunities in the sidebar making it a very useful space. Your visitors can now quickly find what they want, and you can clearly delineate dynamic content from more static content.

Take Advantage of Product Recommendations

One of the best ways to get business from LinkedIn is to get recommendations. Getting recommendations just got easier. Setting up your profile, you might notice that LinkedIn has now offered your product recommendations a higher placement in the sidebar. Product recommendations are an excellent way to show prospects a sample of your customer-base. Some prospects never become customers without seeing some kind of positive review. The reviews are your way "in" with these people. How do you get more reviews? Ask existing clients. If they're happy with your product or services, they'll probably be happy to provide a recommendation for your company.

Take Advantage of Keywords In Your Profile

Some businesses have already taken advantage of LinkedIn's simple algorithm. The developers as LinkedIn haven't fleshed out its search engine to protect against spammers. This is both a blessing and a curse for you. Your job is to make sure your profile is filled with keywords related to your industry. make sure your profile has keywords in it that you want to rank for in LinkedIn's search engine. A word of caution: Don't spam LinkedIn. Don't "stuff" your profile full of keywords just for the sake of keywords. Your profile might be marked as spam and, if the problem becomes widespread, LinkedIn will surely implement a "fix" that makes it harder to rank.

Make The Most of Your Updates

One of the most sharable things on many social networking sites is images. This is good news for you because LinkedIn now puts your company's updates - and especially pictures - front and center. Pictures are now larger and more visible, so make them engaging. In fact, all of your updates need to be as engaging as possible since this will be what users are likely to notice first when they visit your company's page.

Take Advantage of Mobile Apps

There's more visibility for you on mobile devices. While you still can't update your company's page via iPad, or any other mobile device, your prospects, clients, and employees can all view your company's page in all its glory via LinkedIn's mobile app. Take advantage of it. A lot of social networking sites are putting a lot of work into developing a better mobile experience. For some sites, it makes sense. Twitter, for example, has been bitten by the mobile bug with more and more users logging onto Twitter via their mobile devices. Whether LinkedIn users follow suit remains to be seen, but it couldn't hurt. As tablets become more popular, it's reasonable to think that more people will surf social networking sites like LinkedIn on them. With social media, it's usually better to be prepared than to play catch up.

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