The New SEO Rules - Any Online Marketer's Nightmare

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The All-New SEO


What has happened to the old way of doing SEO? When you first started your online business, you were probably taught that backlinks were the most important factor when you had to rank high in Google and other search engines. But then Google went and change the rules and now you have no control over you ranking, at least not in the same way as you had before.

What Happened?
In the old days it was much easier to control your own search engine ranking, as you knew exactly what you had to do to influence the search engines. You knew that if you made sure to increase your number of backlinks you were very likely to reach the first page of Google. You were told that you had to make sure that the anchor text you used in your backlinks was your keyword or keyword phrase to make them count and improve your ranking. This rule no longer exist, as you will be more likely to hurt your own business if you use too many of the same anchor text. This also means that the thousands of backlinks you have created over the years may cause your website to drop from its usual page one to page ten.

The New SEO Rules
The new way of doing SEO no longer revolves around generating your own backlinks but instead to become a leader in your niche and to get a lot of followers and subscribers who want to share your website on the many different social media sites out there. This means that quality content is now the key factor to ranking high in the search engines and not how many unnatural backlinks you are able to create from article spinning and link exchange. Of course backlinks still matter but it is much more difficult to figure out exactly how to work the system since Google wants to make room for quality content that the readers love.

What Should You Do?
You need to go through your website and make sure that your content is great and something people would want to share with others. You need to offer people something new, which no one else is offering. This could be a new perspective on a certain topic or a solution people are looking for. Make sure that your website is contributing to the community and that you are a leader in your niche.

Another thing you have to be aware of is the anchor text you chose for your backlinks. Yes, you can still generate your own backlinks but not as easy as you did before. Guest blogging is still a good way to go since you are getting a relevant link from a quality site, plus people will start to notice and recognize your name. When you choose the anchor text, you need to vary it so that it looks natural. The rule about using your keywords in your anchor text has perished and you now have to watch your steps much more carefully.

SEO is no longer the way it used to be and you need to adapt to the new situation and accept the new rules in order to keep a successful online business.

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