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Are you looking to get on the radar of potential clients, partners, or mentors? If so, then Twitter is a great place to start. The microblogging site doesn’t just let us find and follow relevant people, it also makes it really easy for users to make significant connections with others with just a few clicks.

People have landed jobs, found clients, and gained new customers thanks to the site, and all that was due to a little networking savviness. If you’re trying to improve your networking skills on Twitter, then the following tips should get you started on those connections in no time.

Note that all of these tactics are quite easy to implement. The challenging part is doing them consistently. Perform these tips whenever you can (the more often, the better) and you’ll start to build more meaningful relationships with others.

#1 Mention the Author, Not Just the Blog
This is a great tip to try when you’re sharing a guest post or tweeting from a blog that has a pool of writers. Clicking the tweet button on a post will usually only credit the blog itself, and not the writer, so if you want to connect with the author of the article, mention them specifically when you share the post.





Give them a shout out. Include a short comment or reaction when you share the post. People love personalized mentions, so this little action is a good way to get on their radar.

#2 Include Hashtags and Twitter Usernames (If Applicable) in Your Bio
This particular tip works great if you’re doing promotional and networking activities for a particular website, company, or cause. Include the Twitter handle associated with your company or organization in your bio. This will allow users to check out your company and give it more exposure.


joel gascoigne


On top of that, including the Twitter handle of your site or company will tell people exactly who you are and what you’re all about. It makes it easier for people to find you, opening up more potential to make relevant connections.

Promoting a certain cause or idea? Then create a hashtag for it and include it in your bio. Get people talking and track the conversation through that particular hashtag.

#3 Actively Participate in Event-Specific Conversations
Attending an online webinar? Don’t just sit there and take notes, make an effort to participate in the conversation. There are usually hashtags associated with online events. Use them. Share your thoughts online and respond to tweets from other attendees.

Tweet insightful quotes and share tips that you picked up from the webinar. Spread the word and encourage others to participate. The more people that join in, the richer and more meaningful the event will be.




Being active in Twitter conversations also gives you better chances of coming across like-minded people. Who knows, a potential business partner just might see your insightful tweets and connect with you when the webinar is over.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to webinars and online events. Real-world conferences and trade shows give you a wealth of Twitter networking opportunities as well. Tweet live updates on what’s happening. Post pictures. If you’re in a booth, invite people to stop by or thank those that did by giving them a shout-out on Twitter. Did a speaker offer up great advice? Tweet that up for your followers to see. (Don’t forget the hashtag!)

Be sure to keep tweeting after the conference. Use post-event tweets to thank the attendees and organizers. Share your new knowledge and tweet about how you’re going to apply it in your business.

The above-mentioned activities open up tons of opportunities to network with fellow attendees and like-minded individuals. Also remember that not everyone can fly off to a conference, so you’re actually doing those that can’t attend a favor, by live-tweeting during an event.

#4 Use Ctrl+F to Jump into Relevant Conversations
CTRL/Command+F is a nifty browser function. It brings up the “search on page” feature, which allows you to quickly find specific terms on a site. People often use this function when they’re trying to find a particular word or phrase in a wordy document.

However, few people are aware that CTRL+F also comes in very handy when you’re making conversation on Twitter. Since being a good networking involves talking to people about the right things, you shouldn’t waste too much time reading or responding to irrelevant tweets.

When you’re on Twitter, use CTRL+F to quickly find people talking about relevant things in your industry. Doing so will save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to finding the right people to converse with.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use CTRL+F on Twitter:



Go to your Twitter homepage and scroll to the very bottom of the page. This might take a while, but you’ll know that you’ve reached the end once you see the words “Back to top”

2. Hit CTRL+F (or Command F).

3. Type in a relevant keyword in the search box and press Enter.

4. Your browser should indicate the number of times that particular word was mentioned and it will also highlight your keyword across the page. This will allow you to quickly find tweets mentioning that word or phrase.

5. Find those tweets, and converse away!

#5 Have a Good Link to Conversation Ratio
There are two types of posts in the Twitterverse: Those that have links in them, and those that don’t. A good networker aims to strike a balance between the two.

On one hand, tweeting links to articles and blog posts helps you establish yourself as a source on Twitter. It also allows you to share news in your industry and it makes people see you as an informative person.

On the flip side, you should also make it a point to go beyond tweeting links and actually talk to people. You won’t get very far in the networking department if you just keep spewing out links, so be sure to respond to relevant tweets and reach out to other users.

What do you think of these tips? Do you have any other Twitter networking tactics that you wish to share? Comment below!

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