9 Important Errors to Fix on Your Website

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Often times it is the smallest errors on our websites that have the biggest impact on our sales and search engine rankings. They are rarely something complex but are most likely very easily solved. Therefore it would be foolish not to pay attention to those errors and make sure that our online business is not ruined by a stupid typo and a slow page speed.

Crawl Errors
Make sure that you do not have those crawl errors where links on your site is leading nowhere. By login in to your Webmaster Tools, you will be able to see those errors, which makes it much easier to find the problem and fix it.

Slow Page Speed
A slow loading page can cause visitors to leave your site as quickly as they came. Don’t lose potential sales on a slow page speed. Optimize your site and make sure that it loads fast and effortless, which will create a much better user-experience.

If your website is reachable on more than just one URL such as the www version and the non-www version, you have a canonicalization problem that needs to be fixed before Google sees your pages as duplicate content.

Spelling and Grammar
Proofread your content and make sure that your spelling is flawless. A website with many spelling errors will always get less sales, since it will not look reliable or professional for the customers. So don’t waste money on something as idiotic as a spelling mistake.

NoFollow Affiliate Links
Insert the NoFollow tag in your html code of your website to make sure that Google do not think your links are bought links, which is against the Google Guidelines. The NoFollow tag simply tells Google not to follow the link, and therefore you are not responsible for what is on the website you are linking to.

The Right Title Tag and Meta Description
Use your keyword phrases in your title tags and remember also to mention them in your meta descriptions to help Google and other search engines determine what your site is about.

Your Webmaster Tools tell you if your website is hacked and infected with some sort of malware. Malware on your website can really hurt your business, since visitors will immediately leave your site and never come back.

Creating a Sitemap
Make a sitemap to tell search engines your full content on your website. This helps and catalyzes the crawling process since you have made every internal links clear for the spider.

Contact Information
You will never make any sales if you do not have clear contact information where your customers will be able to reach you. Adding a photo along with your name and description will make people trust you a little more since you are not afraid of showing your face and is therefore more unlikely to be a scam site.

These are just some of the things you can begin to fix to make your website look more professional and much more trustworthy, which will highly improve your online business.

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