Marketing Prediction for 2013: Balance Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

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2013 Marketing Goals


Gone are the days when you could write an ebook, design a landing page, sign on with ClickBank and wake up the next morning with thousands of dollars in your bank account. Perhaps those days never existed, except for a few lucky marketers who leveraged sudden success into an ebook revealing how they did it.

If you want to make a real, sustainable income from online marketing, you'll need to figure out a real, sustainable marketing plan in 2013. Competition is fierce. Most markets are completely saturated. Marketing channels have changed forever. Potential customers are tired of seeing the same old thing.

So, you must pay attention to both short-term and long-term goals. Give yourself regular cash infusions and keep your eyes on the future, too.

It's hard to give specific advice about how to design cash infusion marketing. Each business has its own marketing methods and audience response. For the new year, shed old marketing advice and try these counter-intuitive tips:

  • Stop offering ebooks as low-end products. Video and audio are now the preferred way for customers to absorb information. Frequently release something simple (and cheap) to keep your business top-of-mind and create interest in higher-end products.
  • Partner with others as often as possible. Joint ventures are an excellent way to make quick cash and bring new customers into your long-term marketing.
  • Don't saturate social media. Instead, update your social media occasionally unless you have a specific product to sell—then push updates more frequently for a day or two. This method captures attention when you want it, rather than trying to hold attention all the time.
  • Go beyond the ho-hum “holiday” schedule. Each niche has its own holidays upon which to center promotions. There's no reason to wait for back-to-school time or Cyber Monday, though. Quick cash can be had any time of the year with proper planning.

The best advice for the upcoming year, though, is to shift focus from short-term to long-term business development.

  • Build targeted free offers. Most marketers give away tons of content through blogging, article marketing or social media. Untargeted free content just makes your audience expect free stuff forever. High-value free content leads directly to paid programs, and potential customers are finally getting comfortable with this marketing model.
  • Do a full-scale product launch quarterly. Create your own product package, if possible. If you concentrate on affiliate marketing, get on board with product developers who launch a “big thing” several times a year.
  • Focus on residual income. For affiliate marketers, finding reliable and high-converting programs to promote is a challenge—let alone ones that offer residual income streams. Spend time looking into residuals and marketing them properly for the long term.
  • Create your own membership structure. Three months or six months is ideal for most niches. Members pay a small amount each month, which keeps steady income flowing in. Building a membership package takes time, but it's well worth the effort.

Balance short-term goals (cash flow) with long-term goals (sustainable income) and you'll still be in business when 2014 rolls around.

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