Can You Predict What SEO Will Be Like in 2013?

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SEO for 2013

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Life would be so much easier if people just published good-quality content, that was insightful, strongly opinionated, and that provided accurate - useful - information on the given topic. Sure, there are probably thousands of websites on dogs, and many opinions about how to feed and raise them. That's to be expected. What about the obviously thin and phony sites though? You know the ones. Those sites that have scraped content from Wikipedia, have a really difficult to follow navigation menu, and that don't really provide you with any insightful or useful content about the dog you happen to be researching. There are a lot of those kinds of sites out there.

Of course, crappy sites are limited to just dog sites. Just about every niche has its share of trashy websites. Where do we find these sites? In our favorite search engine, of course: Google. We look to big G to filter these sites out so we can just find what we're looking for on the Internet.

As marketers, we're constantly trying to find ways to improve our SEO efforts. Whether we run a financial coaching website, an insurance quoting site, an SEO site, or a site about our favorite breed of dog, we want to know how to stay out of Google's filter, rise to the top, and give web users the kind of useful information that we know they'll love.

The problem is that it's not easy to know what Google wants. SEO blogs are starting to accumulate predictions for 2013. What's funny about these predictions is not that they range from the possible to the truly ridiculous - it's that none of these companies has any real "inside" information from Google. In other words, these predictions are the sort of speculations a gambler makes while calling his activity an "investment."

The only certainty about Google's updates in 2013 is that you can't be certain about what the company will do, unless you work for them of course.

In November, Mat Cutts put out another Google Webmaster Help video on the topic of SEO. This thing gets beaten to death, but it probably needs to be. He reiterated that the best thing you can do is put out good quality content.



That's not exactly what SEOs out there want to hear, but what's the alternative? Many SEOs already resemble drunken gamblers, wasting not only their own money but their clients' as well. Of course, you could always turn to guest blog posting on authority sites and buying traffic from reputable brokers.

What do you think will happen in 2013?

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