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Google search seems pretty intuitive, right? For many, it is. But for many it's also simplistic. Good if you want to find a bar on Friday night, but not so good if you want detailed information about something. Let's say you want to compose a blog post about "10 Interesting and Unusual Dances From Around The World." You want unusual information, and you want the blog post to come off as though you did a lot of research on the topic. Actually, doing a lot of research would be a great idea. Now Google teaches you how.

Google just announced that it is opening registration for its "Advanced Power Searching" course. This course will teach you how to become a better searcher. Odd as that might sound, it could be just the thing you need to improve your online marketing. It's no secret that Google wants to serve up the most relevant and useful information to users. The kind of advanced research you will be able to do after taking this course might just be the edge that you need to produce the kind of in-depth content that your site users want.

What You'll Get

The course builds on "Power Searching with Google," a course that outlines more basic (but still advanced compared to the basic searching most people do) search techniques that help you better understand how Google search works.

The advanced course allows you to take search to another level with sophisticated, and independent, search challenges. You'll become a better fact-finder, deepen your knowledge and understanding of solving complicated research problems, and become a "power searcher." You can also ask Google search experts your most pressing search questions in the course forum. When you finish the course, you get a certificate of completion. The course begins on January 23rd.

What You'll Learn

The course is intended to teach you how to use Google to do intense research. After all, Google prides itself on organizing and categorizing the web. Most users use the search giant for very simplistic searches. For webmasters, it's a chance to do the kind of research that could lead to better content, a better understanding of how Google sorts information, and the opportunity to reverse-engineer the fundamental nature of Google search itself.

You'll learn how search really works. For example, the more basic power searching course teaches you that when you type a word into Google's search engine, it looks for the word you typed in. Anywhere that word appears across the web, Google assumes you want to know about it. But it also sometimes looks for synonyms.

The advanced course will show you what to do to influence Google to provide you with more in-depth answers. Manipulating your search queries for better results using Google's advanced search tools will provide more relevant results, eliminate content that you wouldn't actually interested in, and saves you time and effort because you won't be sifting through irrelevant websites or sites that can't give you the kind of information you're looking for.

Included in the course are 12 search challenges that you'll have to complete. These practice sessions allow you to apply the knowledge you've learned. Finally, you'll receive two assignments at the end of the course.

This course might surprise many users with just how little they understand about Google's search engine. It's something most of us use every day, but something we probably don't use to its full potential.

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