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Do you own a blog? For anyone who does, we all know the headache of finding, gaining, and maintaining more RSS subscribers on a consistent basis. RSS allows you to get updates from multiple websites in an easy to access manner so you don’t miss a thing. In the same manner, it gives you an opportunity to get your posts in front of readers that enjoy your blogging. So, what can you do to retain subscribers using RSS? The simple solution is to get them to subscribe to your RSS feed. Read on to find out the ten simple ways to gain RSS subscriber.

Focus on a Single Topic

Choose a great topic that you’re familiar with, and stick with it! Consistency is the key. Those that already read your blogs are potential subscribers, as they find the blog content for your particular niche interesting. Sticking to one topic shows your readers that you are serious and knowledgeable. Shooting off on random tangents may annoy and cause readers to lose interest or even unsubscribe. Make sure your blog is one-of-a kind, unique in its own right. If your information can be found elsewhere, you have lost a reader.

Be sure that your blog provides value to the reader. This can be accomplished simply through anything from breaking news, analysis, or funny punch lines. Again, ensure that your site and blog are unique, unparalleled by others. Having a set plan in mind and concentrating on your particular niche is an excellent way of attracting subscribers.

A Unique Landing Page when Signing In

We are visual creatures. Entice your readers and potential subscribers with a gripping website that motivates them to read more. More appeal equals more readers. Be sure that you describe what your blog is about, point out your key features and blogs, and urge customers to subscribe today for access to the newest information that you have available.

Entice your Reader with Awesome Articles

“Practice makes perfect,” is an old adage, but it is well worth mentioning. It is crucial that you write articles that are fun, well structured, and long enough to evoke reader loyalty. If you aren’t providing valuable content that is fun, new, and helpful, you run the risk of losing subscribers.

Constant Publishing Needed

Blog readers most often seek out articles similar in nature. Be sure to publish intriguing articles that entice readers on a consistent basis. All content must be relevant and relatable to the reader. Publishing quality articles on a consistent basis can greatly increase the number of visitors to your site. You can also point or link related posts, that may be older but similar in content, to newer selections.

Establish a consistent plan for blogging. A set schedule makes it easy for readers to look forward to and stay informed of regularly arriving new content on your site. Be sure that you religiously stick to your blogging plan, as avid readers of an active blog want to stay updated.

Write an eBook

Who doesn’t like a free gift? Another way to draw readers’ interest in your site is to offer a free eBook. Make sure that is contains excellent content and a structure that will attract readers. Be clear that by simply subscribing to your blog, they will receive the eBook free, no strings attached. An added draw is to also allow your readers copyright privileges, so that they are able to capitalize from your eBook while driving customers to your site. It’s a win, win situation.

Have a Well Sized RSS Icon

Make sure that your RSS icon is an eye grabber! It must be sufficiently large enough to easily attract readers’ attention. Add a text box next to your RSS icon to let novice readers know that they can subscribe by simply clicking on the icon, allowing them to keep up with newly available content.
Consider using animated ads to draw readers’ attention to your RSS icon. People tend to ignore icons and links that are not interesting or eye-catching. You only have a few seconds to grasp the readers’ attention, interest them, and get them to commit to clicking so make your icon stand out.

Create an Easy to Navigate Site

No one likes to click, click, click, looking for content, when they could already be reading an interesting article or blog. Time is precious. Make it easy for your readers to find what they need on your site. Choose a layout with good spacing, eye catching icons, and helpful instructions. Readers like user friendly, easy to navigate sites, which create reader enjoyment rather than frustration. By making easy to find icons and links, readers will easily navigate your site, read more of your fascinating content, and subscribe with more frequency.

Change it Up, But Keep it the Same

Readers want new, spicy, up-to-date content; however, they still crave consistency. So, give them both! Establish your own style with your blog but be consistent. Let readers know what to expect from you. Readers want to know if they can zip through an article or if it is lengthy in nature. Find a way to convey to readers know whether each section contains an in depth article or fast reading blog. Again, if you are consistently producing interesting content in a standardized template, readers will continue to return to your blogging site.

Create a Friendly Tone with your Readers

Talk to your readers in a friendly, conversational manner. Blogs are more widely read when readers feel they are a part of the conversation and can relate to the writer. Avoid using terms that your readers may be unfamiliar with and be sure to explain words that may seem foreign to novice readers. Readers are more apt to enjoy your site, subscribe, and return if they feel they understand the writer’s perspective and are not being talked over. Find your own niche, and create your own terms. This will endear your site to readers.


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