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Blog Much? Anyone who owns a blog knows that creativity and consistency are keys to captivating readers and keeping subscribers yearning for more. But is there a process that can come to the rescue when you hit your creativity wall and still need to boost your affiliate marketing numbers? Of course! Here are 5 easy steps that will help you skillfully write riveting blogs that will appeal to your reading audience and increase the marketability of your site.

Hook, Grab, and Reel

See! You wanted to keep reading just to find out what in the world this paragraph was about. That means it worked. Grabbing your reader’s attention with a catchy and enticing title is your first step. If you don’t get them interested in the first three to five seconds of reading your blog, you run the risk of them clicking right onto another site. Using action verbs and familiar sayings often interests readers and heightens curiosity. Remember, grab them from the headline and reel them in with your content.

Images are Intriguing

Let’s face it. Most of us are visually stimulated. Have you ever heard, “A picture is worth a 1000 words?” While the words in your blog can be powerful, a captivating or even thought-provoking picture, can amplify interest significantly within your posting. Well picked and placed images give you the opportunity to enhance your readers’ blogging experience, and keep them coming back for more. Often the use of humorous pictures, if appropriate, can help show your reading audience your tenacity and lively personality. Relating to your readers through imagery will entice them to return over and over again, whether just to your blog or an affiliated site.

Keep it Short and Sweet, But Give Options

Blog readers want to stay up to date and ‘in-the-know,’ but you just don’t always have the time or space to tell them everything. So, how do you successful relay new information and stay within your parameters? It’s easy. Keep your blogs short but informative, approximately 400 – 900 words. As we discussed before, reel them in and get them interested, but instead of droning on and on, give options at the end of your blog for further exploration. You can accomplish this through providing affiliate links or pathways to past research articles or blogs within your site. Think of it as guiding your readers towards more in depth information on topics that you have created interest in. If you have truly provided an original, well researched blog that makes your readers want to explore more, then you have succeeded from a marketing aspect.

Who Doesn’t Love Previews?

Giving a sneak peek at what is to come on your blog is a sure way to spark readers’ interest. Blog subscribers thrive on gaining perspective on topics of interest and feeding their curiosity. Providing a section with future topics or a splash of foreshadowing will only increase your readers’ anticipation of your next blog, creating more marketability of your site as subscription numbers skyrocket.

Relate or Annihilate

In this case, we did save the best, or most important, for last. You have to relate to your readers. If your blog resounds with readers then you have attained success. Readers will only frequent and revisit blogs that speak to issues they are tackling in their own lives. Therefore, you must examine topics that are common and reoccurring for most people. It is easy to relate to people when you yourself are passionate about a topic. Relate to them, and you will gain a marketing treasure, reader loyalty.

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