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Social Media Butterfly


When working on link building for your website, don’t just look at it from a technical perspective. While the technical details of link building matter a LOT, another refreshing way too look at it is by seeing it through the eyes of a social butterfly.

A social butterfly is by definition, a “people person”. Social butterflies are the types of individuals that are always connecting with others and aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. And while it’s tempting to associate them with social media alone, the fact is, being a social media butterfly can also have tremendous advantages to your SEO strategies.

Consider the following traits and see how they can be relevant to your link building efforts:

They focus on others (Feature other businesses on your site) – One of the reasons why the world loves social butterflies is the fact that they are not self-absorbed. They fly off from one person to the next with interest, and promote them when they deserve it.

You can apply this particular tactic by putting the spotlight on businesses or websites other than your own. Why not find other companies that complement what you have to offer and feature them on your site?

Let them know that you’ve featured them, send them a link, and if you’re lucky, that businesses that you promoted could link to what you’ve written on their website. Win-win.

They spread and share good things (Give your product or service away for free) – Social butterflies are big on sharing swag, and you should be too! Launching a new product or service? (Or maybe you’re re-launching it?) Then consider giving some of it to your customers for free, with a request that they review it on their website.

Assuming that your product or service really is good, this move will greatly benefit you in numerous ways. For one, you’ll help out someone that could potentially turn into a repeat customer, and for another, you’ll also be able to get a review + link out of it. And as a bonus, you could even grab some of the review’s content and turn it into a testimonial that you could include on your sales page.

They put themselves out there (Write guest posts for other websites) – As mentioned earlier, social butterflies constantly put themselves out in the world. They’re not afraid to do outreach work, and they’re more than happy to touch base with relevant people in their industry.

As a site owner, a very good way of putting yourself out there is by means of guest posting. Approach websites that accept guest submissions, write some awesome content, and include a back link within the post (if the site allows it) or in the author bio.

Doing so isn’t just a great way to gain links to your site, but it also allows you to put yourself in front of the website’s audience, thus opening the potential for more readers, subscribers, and customers.

Do your best to incorporate guest posting in your link building strategy. But keep in mind that the quality of the sites that you write for matters a lot. If you want high-quality back links, then only submit content to high-quality sites.

They share their opinions (Offer testimonials) – Have you tried any impressive products lately? Then share your opinion with the people behind those products. Email the developers of that program, app or gadget you love so much and tell them how their product made your life so much easier.

Be creative (yet sincere) with the testimonials that you submit. Also be sure to include your website when you sign your name. Because who knows, they might just post your comments on their site and include a link back to yours.

They always announce news-worthy events (Write a press release) – Social butterflies do not keep things to themselves, and neither should you. Is there something new with your business? Perhaps a fresh product or a huge milestone (i.e. 500k downloads, new important hire, etc.)? Announce it by publishing a press release.

While press release links may not carry as much weight as they used to (thanks to spammers who only use them to generate links), real, news-worthy articles distributed through the wire still have a fairly good chance of getting picked up and covered by other sites.  That's why you shouldn't just publish press releases for the sake of getting links; instead, publish them for the sake of getting covered by other publications, and thus get links that actually matter.

They’re not afraid to reach out (Send that press release out to relevant journalists) – Social butterflies don’t wait for people they approach them, they do the legwork and touch base with others themselves. Which is what you should also do to generate links from your press release.

Don’t rely on your wire service alone to distribute your news. Send your press release to journalists and other sources, and include a personalized message telling them why your news or announcement is relevant to that journalist’s audience. This will dramatically increase your chances of getting covered and getting high quality links while you’re at it.

They grab attention with their appearance (Create unique graphics) – Both actual and social butterflies grab attention simply using their appearances. Real butterflies have colorful wings with interesting patterns, while social ones are likely to be well-groomed and dressed for success.

Similarly, you can “dress up” and make your link building strategy more presentable with the use of images. Create relevant infographic and witty memes and put them out there. If they’re any good then there’s a huge chance that they’ll get picked up and shared by other websites, which can lead to back links to yours.

Besides, it’s no secret that the web is becoming more and more image-based, and thanks to sites like Pinterest and Instagram, the images that you create have higher chances of going viral.

They’re always in with the latest trends (Write about what’s trending) – Social butterflies need to be updated at all times, otherwise they’ll have a hard time approaching people, and they’ll find it even harder to come up with stuff to talk about.

The same thing can be applied to link building. If you’re not aware of what’s going on around you, you will have a difficult time coming up with “linkable” or sharable content.

Always know what’s trending in your field. This will not only make you a more informed and responsible individual, it will also allow you to craft relevant content that has higher chances of getting linked to.


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