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If you want to make money online then you probably know just how important it is to be able to increase web traffic to your online properties. Whether you're directing traffic to a website, sales page, social media page, or an ebook in an online store, it pays to understand the most effective and efficient ways to drive traffic. Since time is a factor for most entrepreneurs, especially ones just getting started, this guide will show you the absolute best ways you can increase your traffic in just 3 months.

Pinterest is an up and coming social media site where you build your own image galleries. This can be a great opportunity to create a traffic funnel to various web properties that you own. Just keep in mind that Pinterest is frequented by mostly women and what that means for how you decide to do your demographic targeting. In other words, make sure your images are rich, high-res, and something that will appeal to a largely female audience within your niche.

Redirect Domains
In some cases building an entire website is unnecessary to get traffic from a particular domain name. What you can do instead is purchase a domain and set it so that when someone types it in or clicks on it they get a redirect to your website. This is great if you want to pick up some of the "misspelled" traffic, where people often times misspell popular domain names when doing Internet searches. This can be an easy way to buy visits for your site.

JV Traffic
A great source of traffic can come from getting others to promote your website. For example, getting someone with a huge list to put a link to your site in one of their emails can really explode your traffic for a brief time. Think about the big names in your niche and how you can get in touch with them and convince them to help promote your site. You never know who'll be willing to give you a hand.

Facebook Fan page
Facebook is a marketing juggernaut if used correctly. The thing to remember when building a fan page is that you shouldn't use to sell. A fan page is much better for branding and communicating with your customer base. Use incentives such as coupons and limited time offers to get people to go to your site where you can hit them with the hard sell for maximum profit.

Content Syndication
Older methods of article marketing that involve posting hundreds of articles to directories have become obsolete. However, content syndication still works, and works very well actually. The premise behind this is that you create solid content and post it to popular blogs and websites in your niche or industry with links back to your website. The owners of these sites you post too get fresh, new content, and you get a traffic boost for a win/win scenario.

Twitter Campaign
Twitter is another powerful method of driving traffic but only if you know how to use it. Once again, trying to sell using Twitter is a no-go. Instead, use it to generate interest in your brand and direct people to interesting content on your website. You can also use it to get exposure for any special offers, hot deals, or other time sensitive promotions you're doing to great effect.

Amazon Kindle
If you're willing to write a short ebook, or pay someone to do it for you, the Kindle Store is a great place to pick up some extra traffic. The trick here is to make sure your book has links back to your website in it. Also make use of the Kindle Select program which can give your book a mega-boost in downloads. The more downloads you get, the more traffic you'll get.

Offline Marketing
This method is a little bit more situational but can be very powerful for certain business models, especially offline businesses trying to make an impact online. The key here is creating coupons and other advertisements that will direct people to your website and distributing them. In some cases you can strike deals with other local businesses and have them help out. For example, many pizza places sell ad space on the fliers they put on their pizza boxes.

Media Buys
This is also a very powerful method, and a very simple one as well. All you do is approach popular websites in your niche and pay them to display your ads on their site. Be aware that some ad placements are worth more than others. Ads that are displayed in the header and/or side bar will show up across the entire site, making them excellent for a traffic boost.

Forum Marketing
Three months is plenty of time to build up a good reputation on a forum in your niche and get people interested in your website. Like other social methods, the key here is to not sell, but to give. Give your fellow forum goers a compelling reason to visit your site and you'll pick up some very targeted traffic.


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