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Blogs can be powerful ways for companies to keep in touch with their customer base. While social media allows some connection, a blog provides freedom for companies to show in-depth views of what goes on behind the scenes in the company. This kind of intimate view of a company’s goings-on can work to increase brand loyalty, leading to more repeat business.

That being said, not all blogging is equally as effective at creating or strengthening a customer base. Implementing these simple tips will help you use your blogging efforts wisely, producing benefits both immediately and in the long-run.

Set a blog schedule and stick to it. Too many people want to blog when they feel inspired. The problem is most people feel inspired only once in a while. Honestly, nobody is going to visit your blog on a regular basis if they cannot expect to find at least one new post to read at each visit. This means you need to set a schedule of when you post on your blog and then stick to it. Of course blogging more often is best, but different businesses have different resources for their blog. As a rule of thumb, no longer than a week should lapse between blog posts or you won’t build up a following.

Make your blog visually appealing. The Internet is a very visual experience. It used to be that web pages had few pictures on them, but with the popularization of broadband connections web pages have increased their graphical features. Your blog needs to have a look that is appealing to your target customer base. Every post should feature at least one high resolution photo that relates to the subject of the post, if not several. Videos imbedded into posts are another excellent way to immerse the reader in your blog, making people desire to come back for more.

Engage your readers in a discussion. At the end of each blog post ask a question that will get people talking. You might even want to explicitly state that you want people to post comments. When people do post comments on a blog post, you need to reply to those comments as quickly as possible. Your responses should be respectful and encourage readers to post replies so you can start a back-and-forth conversation.

Each blog post should offer something of value to your readers. Like the saying in show business, always leave your readers wanting more. The value you impart could be helpful information that relates to what your company does. Sometimes highly entertaining or funny posts provide a value to readers. Blog posts can even be instructional, giving step-by-step procedures to resolving common problems with products or services offered by your company. Another excellent use of blog posts is giving insight into new products or services, including sneak peaks at future products.

Each blog post should also contain tags. Many bloggers skip over the tag option for their posts. In reality, search engines use the tags to index blog posts for searches. Tagging relevant words for each post can help people find your blog, potentially turning them into customers.


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