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Email marketing is getting harder and harder. With spam filters getting better, users are finding it easier to just mark your stuff as junk - even when they signed up for it in the first place. To combat this trend, and get your emails opened, here are five tips to make your emails pop:

Use Outrageous Headlines

Sometimes, outrageous headlines are a good thing. For example, "You're going to be really pissed when you read this," and "This picture is worth 10,000 words," are great examples of email headlines that get read. Why? Because it's enticing, audacious, and a bit outrageous. People are bombarded with emails every day. You have to stand out from the noise. This is how.

Keep It Simple

400 to 500 words at most. Users will not be bored reading email. It's too easy to click the "x" and close the email. Worse, they can mark you as spam if you're sending them 2,000 word emails. Bad. Stick to short emails, keep your prospect's attention, and reduce the risk of unsubscribes and spam accusations.

Tell a Multi-Part Story

Telling stories is an age-old sales tactic. Stories are very engaging. They speak to your users in a way that a sales message can't. They're low-pressure, and you can string users along much in the same way that daytime soap operas string users along. Far from being manipulative, you're providing a form of entertainment. Users absolutely love this when it's done right (you have to make the story engaging and purposeful given the intent of your email list).

Make Users Take a Survey Before Signing Up

Making users take a survey prior to signing up to your email accomplished two things. First, surveys are a very low-commitment thing. You're not asking the user to do much aside from checking off boxes. Secondly, a survey is a self-sorting mechanism. You can determine who your best prospects are before they even get on your email list.

The answers they provide can be emailed to you, or you can use their answers to auto-generate the correct email signup. For example, if a survey asks about income levels, you can sort users into different email campaigns based on their income.

Use Trigger-Based Rules To Optimize Conversion Rates

Getting more website traffic only solves part of the problem. Conversion is king once you've got people on your list. One of the best ways to optimize conversion is by using trigger-based rules in your email. What's a trigger-based rule? It means that your autoresponder service is capable of sorting your email list subscribers by the actions they take (or don't take). Such features are very common on high-end service providers, but reasonably priced autoresponders have them too. Take GetResponse, for example. That company has mastered the art of email and given its users a rich feature-set that rivals other services an the $100+ per month price point.

When your users click on a link in an email, it often means they're interested in where that link goes. Use that to better target prospects. For example, let's say you run a site about insurance. Your email campaign might contain the words "auto insurance premiums." If users click on that, they're interested in auto insurance. Rather than keep them on a general list, you can kick them over to a list focused on auto insurance. Sure they might be interested in other kinds of insurance, but you should target auto insurance specifically since they showed an interest in it.


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