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It's the specter of every webmaster: a never-ending fire hose of traffic. Why is this so hard to achieve? Well cupcake, for one, getting traffic to your site is a skill. In fact, it's an entire business. A business that you're trying to do all by yourself - that's why you think it's so hard. You're trying to do two things at once. You're trying to run your own business as well as a "side business." Guess what? Usually, that's a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, there's a solution for that: outsourcing.


You're Hiring Experts

When you outsource your traffic generation to another company, you're basically creating a marketing department for your company. No, they aren't employees as a matter of law, but they "yours" as a practical matter. They will answer to you, provide you with all of the data analysis you'd get from an employee working the same position, and they will also be motivated to help your company succeed (after all, your failure means they have less money in their bank account).

These people are probably also experts - if they're not, they won't be in business for very long. Being experts, they're going to know a lot more than you about traffic generation, which is OK because that isn't your specialty anyway.


You Can Focus On Improving Your Writing

Once you've outsourced your traffic generation needs, you can focus on other important stuff like writing. Good content (especially creative content) is incredibly hard to produce. It's something that's difficult to outsource. Sure, you can hire someone for pennies at a content mill to churn out articles all day long for you, but let's get real. Those articles aren't going to turn any heads. Well, maybe they will turn heads, but not in the direction you want them to turn.

Writing is the one skill that everyone needs to be good at. When you improve your writing, you can better explain your product or service offering, and that's what leads to more sales. Speaking of sales...


You Can Focus On Improving Your Product or Service

Improving your product or service offering is something that probably only you can do. The more time you spend doing this, the better. Remember, people aren't out there to buy lame, unimaginative, products and services. They don't need "just another plumber," or SEO expert, or caterer, or painter, or whatever it is that you do. They don't want to go to just another bar, restaurant, or gym. They want something that they need and something they've never seen before. Focus on making your product or service different from others in your industry, and you'll quickly stop worrying about things like doing your own traffic generation.


You Can "Set It, and Forget It"

One of the best benefits of outsourcing is that it's going to boost traffic to your site while you take a mostly hands-off approach. The idea of "set it, and forget it" seems kind of cliche, but this sort of thing happens all the time in every other normal business on the face of the planet. How many CEOs of large corporations do you know sit down to do HR work, accounting and bookkeeping, or spend their days doing janitorial work? None. There's a reason for that. Successful companies make extensive use of the old division of labor concept. You rarely hear about failed one-man or two-man operations, but part of their failure often lies in the fact that they spent too much time on tasks that didn't earn them any real money and not enough time doing what they're really good at. Don't make that same mistake.


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