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Twitter Picking Bird
Establishing a savvy Twitter profile means maintaining the quality of posts or, rather, tweets.  While businesses should conduct their social media activities in a business-like manner, there are still plenty of ways companies and organizations stray off the road into status territory that actually detracts from their reputations. To tweet optimally and avoid disenchanting clients and Twitter followers, be sure you aren’t tweeting as follows.

Too Much Promotion
If your business uses Twitter as a platform for continuous advertisement, it may be turning off your customer base.  Savvy business tweeters can still keep their brand present in the consciousness of their followers without indulging in excessive self-promotion.  Instead, use the platform to tweet about events or to disseminate useful information about your industry.  Your followers can easily tell the difference between useful information and self-grandeur.  Moreover, people don’t want to read the same type of tweet every day—you’ve already told them about your upcoming sale for weeks!  Try not to overdo it and be respectful of your audience.

Avoid Negativity
Sure, you’re glad your main competition is heading to court or is going through a major product recall; still, it’s best to say nothing at all (just like Grandma said) if you can’t say something positive.  Conduct all of your tweeting in a professional manner.  You never know where your tweets will end up and it only takes one tweet—one horrible tweet gone wrong—to go viral and shame your company with embarrassment or worse.

Drop the Business Lingo
When tweeting, try to remember that your followers are human and that the platform is essentially social.  Overt business jargon or language that alienates your audience will not enhance your business in any way.  When in doubt, tweet like a human—not the corporate VP in charge of writing policy and procedure.  Speak in a way that engages other tweeters and helps you forge relationships with would-be clients or customers.  Address your readership respectfully and use language that is likely to appeal to many—not a mere few that are adept in the niche lingo.

Don’t Post Too Soon!
Businesses should have safeguards in place before posting any content on any social media site.  Editing is essential for businesses posting any written content.  Though mistakes in language and grammar usage seem rampant on the internet, don’t make a habit of tweeting with errors.  If your posts are sloppy, your company loses credibility—it’s that simple.  Whatever the nature of the business from Jack’s Boiler Service to Johnson’s Legal Consultants, it’s best to employ solid grammar and tweet with perfection more often than not!

Celebrate the Interactions
Businesses can easily get into a habit of posting and moving onto the next bullet point of their social marketing campaign.  In essence, try not to post and run.  Be sure to engage when your Twitter followers open the door to discussion.  Answer questions, elaborate on statuses, or offer more information proactively.  Some brands may choose to remain aloof from their followers, but often it’s the most social businesses that shine on Twitter and make the most of the platform as a marketing tool.  Even if your post results in negative comments from followers, be sure not to ignore these comments, but respond to them in a professional manner. 


Twitter is a wonderful marketing resource, but it can be overdone or used improperly.  If your business is a newcomer to the social networking scene, be sure to follow other socially-skilled brands to see how they engage with their audiences.  Tweeting is a reliable form of communication, but if you aren’t mindful of the etiquette, you can lose followers and sabotage your brand or social profile.


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