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Twitter is one of the biggest social media of this generation. For marketers and online business owners, it’s a great way to reach a lot of people very quickly. Having a huge number of Twitter followers is extremely beneficial in this regard. One of the biggest advantages of marketing through Twitter is that every tweet of every person that a user follows appears in his or her streams. This is unlike Facebook or similar sites, where all posts are filtered, and you can’t be sure whether your post will appear on a user’s timeline or not.

In this article, you can learn some legitimate techniques which you can apply to increase the number of your Twitter followers. With time and patience, you should be able to double or even triple your devoted following of Twitter fans.

Keep in mind, though, that you should never fall into the trap of using an illegitimate technique or ‘quick’ method to increase your Twitter following. Many of these proposed methods don’t work anymore. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Or it will simply give you a large number of uninterested followers who don’t care about what you have to say. Such a following is worthless.


So, here are some practical, legitimate tips to get more Twitter followers:

1. Have a great profile photo: Using a good profile photo is very important as it creates a good first impression. Make sure that your photo is unique, interesting any eye-catching. Creating a personal connection with your followers is important, and your profile photo is the first step towards achieving that.

2. Have an interesting biography: People will be inclined to know a little bit about any person on Twitter before they decide to follow them. Since your bio on Twitter has to be short, write something that makes an impact and inspires people to follow you. It’s also a good idea to provide a link to your blog so that people can learn more about you. On your blog, you can have as extensive a bio as you want. This will encourage more conservative followers to follow you as well.

3. Keep your tweets short enough to retweet: Retweeting is one of the fastest ways you can get more Twitter followers, as your tweets branch out to wider and wider audiences. To make sure you posts can be retweeted, make them short enough. For example, if your twitter username is ‘supertweeter’, then the phrase ‘RT @supertweeter’, along with a space, takes up 17 characters. That means your tweets shouldn’t exceed 123 characters (140 - 17 = 123).

4. Follow similar tweeters: Following tweeters who have the same interests as you is a great way to increase your Twitter following. A lot of tweeters will follow you back, and it’s quite possible that they will also retweet your more interesting tweets. If you do this enough times, it’s possible to build a very large Twitter following by this method alone.

5. Tweet interesting stuff: The only reason people will follow you and continue to follow you is because you are tweeting something that they are interested in. Tweet a lot of interesting, newsworthy information that followers will be inclined to retweet in their own Twitter circle. Tweeting retweet-worthy information is undoubtedly one of the fastest and most efficient ways to get more Twitter followers.

6. Tweet regularly: As previously mentioned in this article, Twitter doesn’t filter tweets in people’s streams. That means that if you don’t tweet often, your tweets will be engulfed by other tweets in users’ streams. It’s a good idea to tweet once or twice a day. Again, you must always tweet interesting stuff. Don’t tweet just for the sake of tweeting, as people will be quick to unfollow you if they find your tweets to be boring.

7. Tweet images: For some reason, pictures work really well on Twitter. If a picture is interesting or newsworthy, it will be retweeted often and you can quickly increase your visibility and follower count.

8. Choose your hashtags wisely: Hashtags are a great way for people to join in on something they’re interested in. Think of something that is relevant, short and interesting. It might be shared or might even trend! That would be awesome and would dramatically increase your popularity and your follower count.

9. Don’t be too promotional: Twitter is not the best place to share affiliate links, so don’t share them too much. Doing so will cause people to lose their respect for you and they will quickly unfollow you. Instead, post something interesting that can start a conversation.

10. Reply to tweets: Twitter is a unique platform in the way that it lets anyone connect with anyone. This is especially evident in the fact that celebrities on Twitter reply to a lot of tweets from the public. If you’re always tweeting about yourself, and not ‘@replying’ to your followers, then nobody is going to be interested in connecting with you. Replying to people’s tweets allows you connect with your audience and form an emotional bond with them, especially if you are sincerely replying to their questions and sound (at least in text) genuinely interested in what they have to say.

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