The Changing Face Of Business With The Emergence Of Social Intelligence

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How Social Intelligence Can Change the Face Of Every Business?

With the ever increasing use of social media networks and mobile technologies, there is a dramatic change witnessed in the way companies and their customers interact with other today.

The use of blogs, forums, communities, groups, tweets via Twitter or sharing messages or posts through Facebook has become increasingly popular than ever before.  As a result, marketers are able to gather relevant data and get a more accurate picture of changing lifestyles, brand perception including changing buying preferences of their customers.


Why Social Intelligence Is So Relevant Today?

Today, companies can tap the best social resources combined with the digital medium to get a better insight into their customer’s social behavior. As a result, they provides them with a great opportunity to better understand the needs of their customers and provide them a higher level of service.

Social Intelligence offers in-depth knowledge to the company about their customer’s social media behavior combined with collective marketing intelligence gathered using conventional techniques.


How Can Your Business Benefit Using Social Intelligence?

-Believe it or not but you can use the power of technology, people and data to access small chunks of information from these social conversations. These chunks of information can be invaluable to every company and can be further deciphered to gain deeper knowledge behind the conversations.

-This can provide access to vital links including networks, links and original source of the information. Using other snippets of information using online sources, including address, telephone number, e-mail address or domain names can be found on the web via cross referencing. 

-Further, this intelligence can be combined together to gather relevant information about any topic, phrase or a word and checked for its genuineness and find out if it is really significant to the business.

-Social intelligence allows companies to track new micro-trends in the market and combine them into their market strategies. At the same time, this helps them to move ahead of their competitors and gain a first mover advantage.

In fact lot of companies can also plan and forecast the future demand for their services by combining social intelligence in their overall business strategy.


Taking Enterprises To a New Level With Social Intelligence

According to some of the social media usage statistics, “there are over 1.5 billion conversations that take place every hour across different social media platforms”

“Over 30 million pieces of content including videos, podcasts, messages, posts, comments and opinions are shared by social media users each month.”

You can simply imagine how an enterprise can be incredibly transformed by carefully listening and extracting the best value from these social conversations! It can allow marketers to gather relevant data about their customers, competitors and gain access to potential markets.

“An in-depth analysis of social conversations along with understanding of online behavior of the customers with correct monitoring and interpretation of information is required to achieve success in social intelligence efforts”.

Social intelligence can help in fueling the growth of different enterprises by helping them devise marketing strategies, mitigating the risks and meeting the business challenges effectively.

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