What You Need To Know About Rich Pins In Pinterest

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What You Need To Know About Rich Pins In Pinterest?

Pinterest is a “dynamic” marketing tool to learn more about some of the popular and upcoming brands in the market and access lot of vital information about different products. Recently, Pinterest has introduced some new pins called as “rich pins” that aims to share high quality and relevant content to improve its user experience.

If you are searching for anything interesting on Pinterest and want to learn more about something right from movies to your favorite recipes, then look out for these rich pins.

For ex: Use some of the cool “product pins” to get all the shopping information including the price and availability of the items OR Try some fascinating recipes from your favorite blogging sites to know all the ingredients, preparation time required to make your own recipes.


Added Value For E-Commerce Sites And Marketers

Lot of big online retailers including Walmart, Etsy, eBay, Target, Sears, Wayfair among others are already using these rich pins in their product promotion efforts.


Did You Know That?

“69% of the online customers who visited Pinterest managed to find items or brands that they wanted to purchase on Pinterest than any other website”

As a marketer, rich pins can be a great value addition to your e-commerce sites as they can be used to share key information about any of your products with your customers. By updating your pins regularly, you can improve the online shopping experience of your customers so that they get what they want!


Using Useful Pins To Create Great Brands!

According to the last year’s survey

“Almost 43% of the Pinterest members use Pinterest to associate directly with their brands and retailers”

Brands have become even more engaging for the fans now with a whole lot of real time information available now on pricing, location and know whether it is in stock or not? With products becoming more visible and accessible to your customers, it can definitely inspire more number of people to look for your products and boost your company’s sales.


Take Your Pick Now From Different Pins

-Rich Pins For Retail Stores

It is much easier to view the pricing information for the products that you choose as they are shown at the bottom of the product image. These are an absolute must for retail and e-commerce sites who wish to provide a valuable online shopping experience to their customers.

-Recipe Pins For Cooking Enthusiasts

This segment caters mainly to food lovers who are always looking for some fascinating recipes to cook and experiment in their kitchens.  Recipe pins guide you to with a step-by-step instruction of how to cook your delicious recipe including ingredients required and provide information on the serving size.

You can know if they are meant to meet any special dietary requirements such as vegan, gluten-free or any other food type or preferences.

Lot of brands target individual customers by sharing interesting ideas by posting  occasional recipes during festive seasons such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter and many others.

-Movie Pins for Entertainment

To attract movie lovers, rich movie pins are widely used by lot of brands that provide information about the movie release date, cast and crew members including the score or the ratings.

With further improvements made to the movie pins, we can hope to find out about showtimes or even buy tickets directly using these “rich” pins.

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