Top Social Networks That Can Boost Online Marketing In 2013

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Have you ever given a thought as to which of the social networks can provide the best results in your online marketing efforts? With the presence of so many social networks, which one holds the key to the success of your company?

Amidst so much of competition, every company is trying to figure out the best ways of attracting their customers using different social media channels.

The success of any enterprise depends on its ability to generate leads, effective brand positioning, building credibility around its products through its customers.


Keep Your Marketing Strategies Ready

You may have exciting products and services to offer to your customers but they will not be interested in buying them, unless you have a solid marketing strategy in place. It also helps to align your company’s values, mission and objectives with the social media plan for targeting the audience using the right marketing channels.

Some of the important factors that may need to taken into account may include purpose of the social network, target audience types, content as per the audience along with user engagement levels.


Which Are The Best Performing Social Networks Today?


With over 350 million users on this network, Google+ is incredibly popular and one of the top social networking sites available today for the marketers. With some cool features such as Google hangouts-a great platform for engaging and building social conversations, you definitely have a greater chance of attracting maximum number of customers.

You can try sharing your content and get higher ranking due to its unique ability to be featured among the personal search results of your Google Circles. Upload any interesting video, images or rich content and get maximum exposure for your brand using this great platform.


This micro-blogging platform is a great way to connect with your target online audience and ideal for marketers to engage more number of followers. All types of people ranging from business professionals, celebrities, CEO’s from top companies including advertisers are targeting this social network today.

If you want to build you online reputation through branding efforts, then Twitter is the best place to consider for quick networking opportunities and social engagement. Catch up with the latest events, business trends and the breaking news on Twitter as this is where all the real conversations take place!


LinkedIn has a huge global presence with over 225 million active users across 200 countries. The main purpose behind creating LinkedIn was to attract like minded professionals from different industries and build business relationships. It can also be used by marketers to find their target sales prospects and boost their business development efforts.

As a social networking tool, LinkedIn offers valuable marketing opportunities to build, grow your connections and boost your professional contacts for nurturing your business. You can have a targeted ad to match the location, title, company, industry and other related demographics, using LinkedIn as part of your sales and marketing campaign.

Form social contacts and engage with a group of followers to start a conversation on important topics. Share introductions with a group of people and boost your professional relationships with your target customers.

There are other well known social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube that also have a huge online presence and can be targeted by marketers for attracting maximum number of customers.

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