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YouTube landing pages have turned smarter and more user-friendly with the new channel design look! This has opened up a world of brand new opportunities for marketers to completely re-furbish the look of their marketing campaigns and get some promising results.

Top 5 Reasons For Using YouTube For Building Your Business

#Improve Interaction Opportunities With Your Customers

# Create Global Brand Awareness For Your Products

# Drive High Volume And Targeted Traffic To Your Website

# Provide Rich Viewing Experience To The Users

# Customize Content To Attract More Number Of Viewers


How Can YouTube Channel Page Determine Business Success?

Your channel page has the unique ability to engage your audience, bring more business leads by providing visibility to your brand.

Create a unique personality as a brand leader by optimizing your videos with compelling content and motivate viewers to come back to you for more every time!

Making your channel page attractive by targeting the interests of your user should be the first thing on your mind as a marketer! Build a strong brand impression on the minds of your viewers by optimizing your YouTube channel to feature some of the best and entertaining videos.

Learn to present your brand in an attractive manner by organizing the content using “playlists” to target the right audience. Use cross-promotional techniques to feature your video on other relevant channels and bring popularity to your brand.


Tips For Creating A Stunning YouTube Channel Page For Your Business

-Have An Introductory Video

You can create an interesting and attention grabbing channel trailer with engaging content for your viewers who are not subscribed to your channel!

Try to keep the trailers as short as possible and limit them between 30 seconds to a minute. It helps for the viewers to associate easily with your brand, if you can add a bit of personal touch to the video. Don’t forget to include a call to action in the trailer. The main purpose behind having a channel trailer is to motivate your target audience to subscribe to your channel.

Look at this example of a Channel Trailer:

Channel Trailer

-Use Interesting Channel Art

Obviously, it is very important to personalize your channel page for maximum effectiveness to reach your target viewers. You can introduce some fascinating channel art offered through YouTube to make your brand presentation and page layout look more attractive and appealing to the viewers.

Using channel art can be great for sharing your marketing message with your target audience and can vastly improve traffic to your business website.

An example of a creative channel art:

Channel Art

-Optimize And Organize Your Channel

If you want your channel to rank high among the search engines, then make sure to use an attractive channel name. Use interesting channel descriptions for the content that is likely to be noticed more by your viewers. You can also make it easy for your viewers to find your business by organizing and placing content into the most relevant category. Create playlists enabling quick and easy access to the viewers in choosing topics according to their taste and interest.

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