Make The Most of Google Hangout Features For Your Business!

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Are you looking for some lovely and creative ideas to boost your marketing efforts using Google hangouts?

Then, keep reading to know how your business can benefit vastly using some of the improved features of this social communication tool!

Discover How Google+ Hangouts Can Be Useful To You?

Google + offers some amazing features to collaborate with different people using its video chatting facility and allows them to have business meetings, informal chat sessions, host webinars or conferences and much more…..

Now that a lot of companies have to communicate regularly with their clients, the hangout feature allows them to have more engaging and meaningful conversations, breaking across geographical boundaries.

Especially with the new Hangouts on Air feature, Google+ enables you to connect to millions of online customers, through a live webcast to deliver your marketing message even more effectively than ever before!

Besides, you can always stay connected on the go with your employees, customers, clients and never experience a breakdown in your business communication!


Use Google Hangouts To Foster New Business Contacts

Imagine, if you want to communicate with an overseas client, then having a one-one meeting may not be always feasible. But with Google Hangouts, it is much easier and simpler to organize such face-to-face meetings, no matter where your customers may be located across the world!

You can benefit from having personal interactions with your global customers anytime, using Google Hangouts. If language acts as a barrier between your communication with someone, then you can simply invite your translator to join you in the conversations.

Set up a conference, office meeting, respond to customer queries or even host a webinar and overcome your cultural differences to establish a personal bond with global companies.


Some Exciting Features Available With Google Hangouts

Google+ has been constantly adding some additional features for the benefit of the users and this has certainly given businesses some advantages in using this incredible tool in their brand promotional campaigns.

The hangouts with extra feature come with some unique benefits and enables companies to host a hangout with an interesting title or a name. This allows them to give a more personal touch to their conversations with their customers and makes it more interesting. It also allows you to create your very own whiteboard presentation that can be used for explaining in detail about your products and services. In addition, you can also use the facility of calling using the hangout interface.

With the regular video hangout features, you can join any hangout using your Android or iPhone device. You can even use the video conferencing facilities with a maximum of 10 people and have as many cameras you want linked to your hangout video to enable switching between them for maximum coverage.

If you want to share any important document, then you can upload them so that it will be instantly accessible to every member present in the hangout. Hangouts on Air is another incredible Google+ feature that allows you to provide live video broadcast to unlimited number of people at the same time. The best thing is that you can easily edit the draft video after the hangout gets over and share it across on YouTube with anyone you want.

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