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With the launch of Facebook Graph Search earlier this year, there has been a lot of enthusiasm among marketers to capitalize on this great marketing opportunity for improving their company’s brand engagement efforts.

How Does Facebook Graph Search Work ?

Facebook Search Graph allows personalized search results for the end user based on their connections or contacts. Thus, the search graph examines your connections to determine the content that is liked by your connections (including friends or professional contacts) to match with your search term. Now, this can do wonders to local businesses in their business promotional campaigns.

Most of the search terms may be more relevant for finding information about local pubs, bars, restaurants, coffee shops etc. This can open up wide opportunities for small time retailers in attracting a larger target audience and help improve their sales volume.

Based on the search queries generated through the natural process, the Facebook Graph helps users to find relevant recommendations and interests from their primary network. The search engines help in finding content that is valuable, specific and targeted towards their users. Facebook Graph Search aims to provide high quality results to the users by prioritizing information in the best possible manner.


Using A Customer Centric Approach Might Help!

According to leading search engine marketing experts, the Facebook Graph Search has a huge potential in boosting customer interaction levels along with providing high page ranking results.

In short, the quality of the audience and the content that is advertised can have a significant impact on the ranking that your page receives!

This means, companies need to intensify their marketing campaigns through the Facebook platform by sharing relevant and engaging content that attracts the right level of audience.


Get More Influential Using Facebook Graph Page

-Be More Search Engine Friendly

Facebook Page Optimization is just as important to your business as much as other marketing tactics to build your online presence. Choose the right category for your business, provide a short and interesting description and make sure it is always updated with the latest information. The page name and URL must be relevant to your brand or business so that your target customers can easily find you, using your website.

-Engage And Discuss With People

The best strategy to attract and win your audience by sharing rich, relevant and valuable content still holds true to get more visibility through Facebook Graph Search. Share compelling content that your audience will enjoy reading and in turn recommend it to others. Increase your opportunities to build relationships with your customers by sharing regular posts and encourage them to leave their feedback and comments on them.

-Build Your Local Presence

The key for small businesses to succeed by using Facebook Graph Search lies in leveraging their local presence by sharing the most relevant business information with their customers. Thus, if someone is searching for a specific location of your business, then it may be easy for them to find your business, if you have provided the right address.  Social signals such as “likes” and “Check-ins” may be viewed as a high and positive ranking indicators on Facebook Graph Search for your business.

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