The Most Critical Question You Need to Ask Before Launching a Campaign

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Getting a Campaign: Critical Question

Question: What’s the one thing you should decide on before starting an ad campaign or buying website traffic?

Answer: Your purpose for doing it.

Sure, you can fuss about the types of ads to put out there, how much traffic you should get, or which sites to advertise on, but if you can’t answer the question, of WHY you’re doing it in the first place, then your campaign is doomed from the start.

2 Main Purposes for Advertising

Generally speaking, companies advertise or buy traffic for two reasons: lead generation and branding. In the following paragraphs below, we’ll explain the differences between the two and how you can use your web traffic and advertising tools more effectively.

Lead Generation

When you’re advertising for lead generation purposes, your ad campaigns should be targeted and they must have a corresponding call to action. This means that lead generation ad should direct users to a landing page that tells them to complete a specific call to action (i.e. submit their email address, download a product, etc.)

Lead generation is focused on getting new customers. It’s not enough that people know about your company, they have to take action and generate sales or engagement.

For maximum effectiveness, your lead gen ad campaigns should be targeted and geared towards the right people. Only display your ads on sites that are relevant to your target audience’s interests or keywords.

Why IP Unique Targeted Traffic is your best option

At FullTraffic, we recommend using IP Unique Targeted Traffic for lead generation campaigns. This feature lets you target your ads by location AND keywords, so you’ll be able to be as specific as possible and get qualified leads with the highest chances of conversion.


Unlike lead generation, branding is all about gaining awareness or putting your name out there. When you’re advertising for branding purposes, you’re not really looking for immediate customers and hard leads, you merely want to get the word out about your company. You want to instill a sense of familiarity towards your business and build up your BRAND.

Maximum reach and large amounts traffic are the main things that you should look at when you’re advertising to brand. You want to get your name in front of as many people as possible, so you blast out your ad across multiple channels and websites to get the most impressions as you can.

Why Global Traffic is your best option

It’s best to select Global Traffic if you’re advertising for the purposes of gaining brand traction. This feature serves up your ads across our entire network, thus putting your brand in front of millions of users. Do note that Global Traffic does not filter or target users so you’ll get a ton of eyeballs and not necessarily a lot of clicks (but that’s okay, if you’re doing it for branding purposes).

Example of Lead Generation vs. Branding

A great way to demonstrate the difference between ads for lead generation and ads for branding purposes is to use television as an example.

Let’s say BMW airs a commercial about its new concept car and it goes live across international TV networks and shows. The ad shows how great the vehicle looks and how fast it is, but the commercial isn’t directly urging you to buy it. (In fact, there’s no way to buy the car since it’s still at the concept phase.) The ad merely wants to bring your attention to the BMW brand. This right here is an example of using ads for branding.

Now compare that to this example:

A local car dealership is having a sale this weekend and it wants to convince people to come on down. So it produces a commercial but only airs on local channels, during specific time slots. The commercial is upbeat and is actively convincing people to head to the dealership to take advantage of the sale. It even shows its address and phone number. This is an example of a lead generation ad.

See the difference? The first commercial is all about raising awareness and getting the word out, and the second one is specifically aired to get people to take action.

We hope that this blog post was able to shed light on the differences between branding and lead generation. And hopefully, you can use this information to create more compelling campaigns and to choose the right online advertising and web traffic tools for your company.


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