4 Practical Tips on Making Full-Page Ads Work for You

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Full-page ads are a popular format for companies that truly want to make a huge impression on customers. Unlike regular banner ads, Full Page banners can’t be ignored that easily. And if they’re designed and executed in a tasteful way, they can be highly effective in getting traffic back to your site.

Of course the key word here is “tasteful.” See, the main reason why some advertisers aren’t seeing their desired results out of their campaigns is because they’re serving up their ads in annoying and obtrusive ways.

The fact is, you can certainly make full-page ads work for you if you implement them in a way that doesn’t kill people’s browsing experience.

The next time you’re running a full-page ad campaign with FullTraffic, be sure to keep these tips in mind:

Remember that just because you get a lot of space doesn’t mean you have to use it all

One of the best things about full-page ads is that they give you a lot of room for creative freedom. You’re not constrained by small spaces or tiny measurements. You don’t have to worry about people not being able to read the text or your tagline not being able to fit. With full-page ads, you can be positive that you’re logo, company name, and taglines will fit in all their huge glory.

Here’s the thing though: just because you can fit a ton of text graphics in the ad, doesn’t mean you should. Think about the saying, “less is more” and try to apply it to your full-page ad design.

You can make a great impression with a few striking images and snappy, witty text. Remember that very few individuals will take the time to read every word of an ad, so it’s best to keep your ad’s content short and sweet.

Take note of what different colors mean

Colors can make or break your ads. Each hue or shade has a corresponding connotation so it’s best to familiarize yourself with what colors mean, and choose the ones that would work best for your products, services, and of course, your target audience.

Think about what you’re selling and how you want users to feel about it, and choose your colors accordingly.

The color black usually connotes sleekness and power, which is why it’s used a lot in car advertisements. Colors such as orange, red, and yellow are associated with hype and energy and that’s the reason why they’re commonly used when advertising sales. Green and purple on the other hand are said to be relaxing so if you want to calm your customers down, this is a good way to go.

Use images that your target audience can relate to

Really think about your target customers. Picture them in your mind. Got it? Good. Now if you’re adding images of people in your ad, be sure to select the ones that look like your target market. Your ads need to be relatable. If users can see themselves in your ads then you can expect a higher CTR and conversion.

Track, analyze, and test your ads

Don’t just launch an ad campaign and hope for the best. Be sure to track and monitor the results and optimize your ads for maximum performance. Split test different messages and pictures to see which ones perform well. Needless to say once the results are in, you must do more of what works and get rid of the low-performing ads.

We here at FullTraffic hope that these tips will give you ideas to execute your campaigns the right way. For more information about building full-page ads, click here.

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