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Negative SEO - Infographics

Negative SEO was thought of as a very rare thing in the past, and there was doubt about its effectiveness. However, since Penguin and its changes hit the Web there has been a great deal of talk about negative SEO. Now it seems everyone has been hit by it, or at least everyone who has experienced the slightest drop in traffic. This is the usual hysteria settling in whenever a change occurs and, there is little doubt that almost all of these complaints are unfounded. However, I do wonder if attacking other websites might become a common tactic in the future. One group of SEO experts have recently done something to help answer that question.

This group made use of one of their own websites that was highly ranked and typical of a small business site. They posted thousands of paid links around the Web with all of them pointing to the site, then tracked the SERP position of the website to see what happened.

  1. Test Begins: Website ranks number three for the keyword pool cleaning Houston.
  2. End of week one: Website ranks number three. 45,000 comment links and 7,000 forum links posted.
  3. End of week two: Website ranks number two for the keyword.
  4. End of week three: Website ranks number 11 and is on page two of the SERPs. 4,000 sidebar links posted.
  5. End of week four: Website ranks number 14. End of test.

The test is a huge success for negative SEO tactics. After only four weeks, a highly ranked website is knocked off the front page of the search engine results. The SEO group only spent $45 for the links, so it is an affordable tactic and could become part of business as usual on the Internet. While a super authoritative site will not have to fear such attacks, smaller businesses will have to include it in their planning.

This infographic was developed and designed by TastyPlacement Inc. in Austin, TX. Visit their website for more information about Austin SEO.

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