3 Questions to Ask When Buying Web Traffic

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Buying Web Traffic

Buying traffic is a great way to quickly get more visitors and increase your ComScore rankings. It also generates exposure for your site and helps put your company on the map.

Another great thing about purchasing traffic online is that doing so is both affordable and convenient. Whether you’re an advertiser looking to build your brand or a publisher who wants to drive more visitors to your site, you can start getting those much-needed website hits in just a few minutes, thanks to the self-serve platforms that ad networks offer.

Here’s the thing though. While it really is easy and inexpensive to buy traffic from online companies, it’s important to note that not all of them are created equal.

Before whipping out your credit card, be sure to ask yourself the following questions first:


How much traffic will I get?

Size matters, when it comes to ad networks, so be sure to look into how big the ad network is before choosing to sign up. How many publisher sites do they have? Do they have several verticals of their own? How many users per day can the company reach?

At FullTraffic, we’re proud to say that we have publishers in just about every industry, so we’ve got you covered no matter what category you belong to. (Unless it’s pornography, drugs, violence or other illegal activities.) We also have more than 20 million users flocking to our sites on daily basis to ensure that your ads get seen.


What’s the quality of the traffic?

It isn’t just about quantity, of course. You also need to look into the quality of the traffic that you’re buying. Will your ads be displayed on top notch websites? More importantly, will you be able to target your ads to make sure that you’ll be getting the type of traffic that you want?

FullTraffic addresses both of these concerns. For one thing, we have a publisher approval staff that inspects all the sites in our network to make sure that your brand appears on great pages. On top of that, we allow you to target your traffic by location, IP address, and industry so you’ll only be attracting relevant visitors. After all, why waste your budget on traffic that won’t convert?


How is the company’s customer service?

This is another important--yet often overlooked--factor in the traffic-buying business. Aside from the size, technology, and capabilities that the ad network brings to the table, you also need to check out their customer service department.

Call up the company with questions and see how quick and effective its team is. How long did they put you on hold? Were the reps courteous and knowledgeable? Customer service shouldn’t be an afterthought when you’re buying traffic. You need a company that’s dependable when technical and financial issues arise.

At FullTraffic, we pride ourselves in providing professional customer service to clients. We hire real people--not robots to take care of your needs, and we’re always just a phone call or an email away.


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