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Web traffic provider FullTraffic today announced the redesign of its homepage. Following the announcement that it would be discontinuing its Global Traffic feature, the ad network modified the look of the site to reflect its new product changes. On top of that, the site now sports a better, more engaging design and layout.

Users have noted that the site revamp makes use of space more effectively. The layout looks less cluttered and crowded, and it is now easier to read.

“The new design gives users a better and cleaner browsing experience,” said FullTraffic CEO Federico Einhorn . He mentioned that a lot of work was put into the recent site overhaul. According to the CEO, the company factored in the latest web design trends along with user feedback to come up with the changes. “A lot of research and countless revisions took place, but it was all worth it, since we’ve been getting great comments about the new design,” he said.


Putting the Focus on Targeted Traffic
FullTraffic’s decision to discontinue its Global Traffic product to focus on offering targeted web traffic was one of the main triggers for the site redesign. “Our old site had a lot of details about our Global Traffic product, and since we’ve decided to stop offering it, we needed to remove all references to it.”

Einhorn said that he wanted to go beyond simply deleting blurbs of text, which was why he called for a complete overhaul. “Yes, it would’ve been easier to just delete the Global Traffic text and be done with it, but where’s the fun in that? We believe that websites should upgrade on a regular basis and FullTraffic wants to keep evolving as much possible to give users a newer and better experience.”


Emphasis on Video
The new design now shows a large preview of FullTraffic’s animated marketing video at the top part of the page. Previously, it only had a “Watch Video” link that led to an interstitial window that played the video. With the new design, users can watch it right from the homepage.

According to Einhorn, his team decided to put a lot more emphasis on the video mainly because of the great comments that the company has received. “The video received impressive feedback from users. Customers told us that it helped them understand how to buy traffic on our platform and it definitely led to a lot of conversions,” said the CEO.

Einhorn furthered that FullTraffic is making an effort to keep up with where the web is going. “Video is certainly on the rise. More and more websites are incorporating it into their designs and that trend also influenced our design decisions.”


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