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Can you believe we’re more than half-way through 2013? The year has had its share of its ups and downs so far, and the FullTraffic team is just happy be able to roll with it.

To top off the end of another quarter, we’ve decided to look back at the past three months to see what happened on the FullTraffic blog. We’ve published a number of hot posts during the last quarter so we’re going to do you the favor of rounding up some of our most socially shared articles in case you missed them.

Below is a list of FullTraffic’s top blog posts for the second quarter of 2013:

1. Analyzing Penguin 2.0 (4.0) and Its Impact to Date - In this post, we tackled Google’s most recent Penguin update at the time. We talked about which sites were likely to be most affected, and showed a ranking of the top 25 websites to be hit by the Penguin update.

The post generated a lot of social buzz, sending over 300 Facebook likes and dozens of tweets.

2. Black Hat Still Winning After Penguin 2.0 - Still on the topic of Penguin, our second most shared post of the quarter was published a couple of weeks after Penguin 2.0 was unveiled. Here we analyzed the aftermath of the algorithmic update to see if it was able to successfully curb web spam. The result? Not so much. As you’ll see in the screen shot, a significant number of search results still lead to spammy sites.

The post got hundreds of Facebook shares and tweets and created buzz among the community. A number of FullTraffic readers also chimed in the comments section stating that they too had similar experiences. Read and join the conversation by clicking the link.

3. The Anti-Google Search Engine DuckDuckGo Gets a Traffic Boost After Prism Scandal

Remember the Prism scandal? Looks like it spelled good news for Anti-Google search engine DuckDuckGo. Apparently, the number of searches performed using the site jumped significantly following the Prism issue. Evidently, people do not appreciate being tracked and watched while they’re performing web searches, and since DuckDuckGo prides itself for not monitoring user activity, it became the search engine that users turned to.

4. Running Advertorials on Your Site? Google Could Exclude You from Search Results

This blog post was published shortly after Matt Cutts said that Google may exclude websites from search results if they’re running undisclosed paid content, advertorials, and native ads. Our main concern with the matter is the fact that Google is using extremely vague terms to communicate this. Before excluding sites from SERPs, the search giant first needs to define the types of “paid content” that it’s willing to take action against.

5. Be Extra Sensitive and Helpful When Using Social Media Amidst Tragedies

Here we acknowledged the terrible tragedy that happened at the Boston marathon. We also took the time to educate netizens on helpful and sensitive behavior in light of such events. Etiquette and sincerity are essential during tragic periods and they should be prioritized over self-serving and self-promotional efforts.  


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