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Over the years, Google's position on what makes a good website really hasn't changed, however, the algorithms have.  Even if you think your website with the best content in the world deserves to be on the top, there may be some things you're doing wrong on the SEO end. 

Perfect SEO Tools

If you're on a strict budget and want to increase your visibility on Google, here are a handful of free SEO tools you should consider downloading:


The minute you start typing in a keyword, Google will start to "autosuggest" particular keywords.  With Ubersuggest, it will take a broad keyword and develop hundreds of long-tail phrases based on Google's suggestions.  This is a great way to get hundreds of keyword ideas.  What you do with this data is entirely up to you.

YouTube Keyword Tool

When it comes to a keyword tool, most people focus on the Google Keyword Planner Tool or some other third-party keyword tool that costs a fortune every month.  Even though Google Analytics no longer provides keywords for searches that come via Google, it doesn't mean you can't get keyword data.  This is where the YouTube Keyword Tool comes into play.

Unlike the Google Keyword Planner, the YouTube Tool is a lot different.  This is a great way to input niche keywords and not only see the potential traffic, but how many videos relate to that particular niche.  Well, you may be wondering, "Why do I care about videos?"

The video results are a great way to show you if there is a void to fill.  So for example, if you search for a keyword that has very little video content that wasn't updated for years, then there's a good chance there are websites that haven't been updated for years.  This is a great tool to help you find outdated niches that could use some freshening up.

Convert Word to HTML

There is probably going to be a time when you write content on the go with Microsoft Word or some other word processing software.  See, most of the time when you copy a word processing file to WordPress or a similar program, the format is usually off, screwing up the fonts and layout.  Thankfully for the free Convert Word to HTML tool, you can simply paste your document and within seconds, you will have a nicely formatted HTML file.

Xenu's Link Sleuth

If your website has too many broken links, it can harm your search engine ranking and user experience.  The Xenu Link Sleuth tool will crawl your entire website and create a report at the end, showing you what links don't work anymore.  It will then be your job to go in and either fix the link, or delete it completely.  The length of the process will depend upon the website's size.

Schema Creator

Schema is a term used to help search engines make sense of your content in a structured format .  Since schema can often be confusing when using it, this nifty free tool will do all the dirty work for you.  The only thing that you will have to do is input the information it asks for using the free templates that they offer.  Once done, you will have the HTML code to upload to your website.


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