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Buying Website Traffic

Looking to buy traffic for your website? Opting for the online advertising route can be a great step. But before signing up with an ad network, it’s best to grill them with some questions to properly determine if they have the right products and services for you.

Remember that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for all advertisers, so you should choose your online partners wisely. Asking the right questions is the first step to doing that.

To help you with this process, below is a list of must-ask things that you should bring up when screening ad networks:

What types of advertising solutions do you offer?

This may seem obvious and you’ll likely find a general overview on the company’s website, but it wouldn’t hurt to get into more detail when talking about the ad network’s products.

For instance, if they’re offering display ads, ask them where the ads will be placed. Also consider inquiring if they offer design services. Looking to serve up mobile ads? Ask your provider about supported devices, apps, and websites.

What targeting capabilities do you offer?

Buying traffic won’t do you any good if you’re purchasing low-quality or poorly-targeted visitors. It’s important that you know your targeting options, so you can determine if you’ll be able to reach the right audience.

Talk to your network about their targeting technologies. Can you zero-in on users based on their location, demographic, and device? Do they implement behavioral targeting? How do they handle user privacy? The last thing you want is to sign up with a company only to find out they don’t provide the targeting features you need.

Can you give me a breakdown of your network’s stats?

Learn more about the reach of the ad network before getting on board. Numbers don’t lie after all, so getting your hands on the company’s stats will help you decide if it can put you in front of a wider audience.

Ask about the number of advertisers and publishers that they have. How many impressions, visitors, and searches are conducted per month? Can you confirm these numbers using an unbiased analytics company such as ComScore? (If you can’t, then consider taking your search elsewhere.)

Can you give me examples of publishers in your network?

It’s always good to see things for yourself. To help determine if your ads will get in front of your target audience, ask for a few sample publishers and check out their sites. Doing so will help you gauge traffic quality. It will also enable you to see where and how your ads will appear.

How do you maintain traffic quality?

Click-fraud is rampant in the online advertising world. Be sure to ask your network about their preventive measures as well as the practices that they implement to maintain traffic quality. How do they protect advertisers against fraud? How do they verify clicks and conversions?

Some networks for instance, manually screen publisher sites, while others partner up with Internet security firms to help verify traffic and prevent fraudulent activities.

Can you send me a list of references?

One of the best ways to ascertain if the ad network is right for your company is by talking to its existing customers. Ask them to give you a list of references and contact those companies directly. Inquire about traffic quantity and quality, the results that they’ve achieved, and how they would rate the network’s customer service.

Be wary of ad networks that refuse to comply with this request. That kind of behavior should raise red flags and you’d be better off buying traffic somewhere else.

Who can I speak to if I have any questions regarding my campaigns?

While no one really wants to contact customer support for any reason whatsoever, it’s best to ask about your go-to person in case you need help setting up or optimizing your campaigns. Will you have a dedicated account rep? Is support available 24-7? What’s the best way to reach customer service?

Why should I choose you?

Last but not least, ask the network what sets them apart from competitors. Why should you buy traffic from them? What unique features or services do they offer? You’ll likely get a salesy and self-promotional answer to this question, which is why you should do your due diligence in checking if their claims are true.


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