5 Timely Themes You Should Take Advantage of When Buying Traffic at the End of the Year

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Grabbing users’ attention can be especially tough for advertisers and publishers during the holiday season. Between Christmas parties, office potlucks, and exchange gifts, consumers are very distracted and are likely not paying attention to anything that’s not holiday-related.

That’s why you need to make your campaigns more compelling by making sure they’re in line with holiday and year-end themes. Doing so increases your chances of getting noticed and can bring in more visitors even at the busiest time of the year.

Whatever your means of driving visitors may be--whether it’s buying traffic through ad networks or creating viral marketing content, below are timely themes that you can incorporate in your campaigns:


High spirits and anticipation run especially high during the holidays. Why not take advantage of all that excitement by counting down the days until Christmas or the New Year? You could do a daily blog post or even launch a contest giving away one prize per day.

Holiday countdown

Several brands are already taking advantage of this. Tiffany & Co., for instance, has a nifty countdown-slash-calendar on its Facebook page, in which it features a different Tiffany product each day. It serves both as a gift guide and a calendar that builds up people’s excitement during the holiday season.

New Year’s Resolutions

Another thing that people are busy with during the end of the year? Coming up with New Year’s resolutions. If you have anything that can cater to people’s desire to turn over a new leaf--whether it’s a solution, advice, or just good old encouragement--then by all means, share it.

For instance, most health and fitness companies take advantage of consumers’ end-of-the-year blues by promoting their products to help people meet their weight loss resolutions. The same goes for productivity apps pushing their products, personal development sites offering advice, and coaches promoting their services.

Can any of your products or services help people meet their New Year’s resolutions? If so, be sure to incorporate the theme in your ads, then use the coming weeks to buy traffic and promote your campaign.

Family-Themed Ads or Content

Family themed ads

Most people associate the holiday season with their families, so creating ads or content that highlights the importance of kin may grab a lot of attention. And the more heartwarming your ad is the better.

Consider this excellent commercial by Apple entitled “Misunderstood” which features a boy who surprises his relatives with a thoughtful holiday present. It effectively showcased Apple’s products (i.e. the iPhone, Apple TV, and AirPlay) while pulling on people’s heartstrings and making them shed tears of joy.

Of course, you don’t always have to create a touching video to produce family-themed content. A simple message along the lines of “From our family to yours” or something similar can do the trick.

“Ultimate” Lists

These are always a huge hit during the holidays. People are eager to look back at the year that was, and creating a list of notable people, events, or businesses is a great way to get their attention. No matter what industry you belong to, there’s sure to be a roundup that you can create.

For instance, Google recently listed its top searches for 2013, showcasing the year’s top queries in numerous categories, including events, people, brands, books, even boy names. Meanwhile, TIME magazine did something similar, launching the famous TIME 100, which features lists of the most influential people, news items, and events of the year.

What list can you create about your business or industry? Can you create a roundup of the best company moments, products, or customers? Compile them in a list, then promote, promote, promote.


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