Freebies You Can Use to Increase Website Traffic (Part 1)

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The concept of bribing may have a bad rep in politics, but online, it’s considered as one of the best practices of Internet marketing. As long as you follow privacy laws and adhere to proper “netiquette”, there really isn’t anything wrong with offering a little incentive to increase website traffic and build an audience.

Below are some ideas of what to entice users with. Go through each one, do some research on what would resonate most with your target visitors, and start creating!

Quick tip: Make sure you’re giving away something of value
Before we get into the details of the different types offers that you can give out, we just want to remind you of one important word: VALUE. Don’t just put together an offer for the sake of doing so. (For instance, some companies release “free” ebooks that don’t really provide anything of substance.) Offering a low-value or useless freebie will only turn off users. Sure, it may entice people to click-through your website, but they won’t stay unless you offer them something substantial.

Whether you’re writing an ebook, developing a course, or giving out a free trial, make sure that your users will actually find it useful or entertaining. By doing so, you’ll not only drive traffic to your site, but you’ll keep visitors coming back. Not only that, but offering an awesome freebie will encourage people to share and spread the word, so you could end up with even more visitors.

Now, on to the list:

Got some knowledge to share?  Put your ideas on paper and make an ebook out of them. People always want to learn new things, and if you can give them the information they need for free, there’s a good chance that they’ll click-through your site and subscribe to your list.

Creating a free ebook is fairly easy. Simply type up the text on Word, convert it to a PDF document, and you should be good to go. To be extra safe though, it’s best to make sure that your book flows beautifully on every device. To do this, you can use Uberflip, a service that automatically optimizes your content for phones and tablets.

For your ebook cover, you can easily find someone to whip up a design on freelancing platforms such as 99Designs, Elance, or oDesk. If you’re on a budget, you can check out and have someone design your ebook cover for just 5 bucks.

Free trials
Another way to drive visitors to your page, offering free trials enables you to give people a taste of what you have to offer so they can make informed decisions on whether or not they should use your products or services.

Free trials can come in many forms, depending on your business and your audience. For instance, if you’re offering software, your free trial can give people access to just a limited number of features, and they’ll have to pay to unlock the rest. Or, you can opt to give them full access for a limited time (i.e. 30 days) so they can take your product for a test drive.

If you’re offering a service--say graphic design--your free trial offer can be along the lines of giving a revision free of charge.

Offering free consultations are effective because it removes any risks or barriers for the customers. People won’t hesitate to check out what you have to offer as long as there aren’t any upfront costs on their part.

If you’re offering a service (i.e. business coaching, web designer etc.), consider offering this freebie so you can properly assess your customers. You may find that giving away a free consultation is actually beneficial for you as well, because it allows you evaluate if a client or project really is right for you.

Survey results
If you have the resources to conduct and give away industry surveys or studies, then by all means, do it. People are always interested to get the pulse of an industry. Studies, graphs, and statistics provide educational insights and users are more than happy to share them.

Not to mention, the media LOVES surveys. News outlets are eager to publish the latest data and statistics, so if your free survey is really insightful, you’ll not only increase your website traffic, you might even get some media coverage out of it.

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