Freebies You Can Use to Increase Website Traffic (Part 2)

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In part one we gave you some freebie ideas that you can use to drive website traffic, and we also offered insights on why providing valuable content is essential to your freebie. This post will provide even more freebie ideas you can implement in your business (in case you couldn’t get enough of them in part 1) and you’ll also learn how to ethically use your freebies in order to stay on the good side of your users.


More freebie ideas:

If you’re a coach, consider giving away a free session or two to prospective customers. This will allow you to show people what you’ve got, while eliminating risks on their part. It enables you to get people through your doors so you can give them a glimpse of what you have to offer.

Providing free coaching sessions gives you a chance to show people how awesome your services are. And chance are, when people see that, you’ll get some paying customers out of your offer.

Got a packed schedule and don’t have time to offer free consultations or coaching sessions? Consider offering courses instead. Is there anything that your audience wants to learn? Create a course to fill that need.

Put together some slides accompanied with audio and video, then either self-host the course on WordPress or use a service such as Udemy to do so.

Podcasts or Interviews
Radio shows and interviews are attractive incentives because they’re easy and convenient to consume. People can just download them and listen on their device even when they’re on the go (i.e. on the way to work.)

To create a successful podcast or interview series, reach out to any experts and A-listers in your field, get on the phone (or Skype) with them then record your conversion.

Worried that you won’t hear back from the experts that you reach out to? Increase your chances of getting a response by building rapport first. It’s best to read and comment on their blog and share their stuff on social media prior to your outreach, so they at least know who you are.

Approach them for an interview only after you’ve established a relationship, and you’ll be more likely to get them to say yes. It also helps to approach them with their benefits in mind. Tell them that the interview will be highly promoted online and it’ll give them a chance to generate exposure for themselves.

A quick word about ethics
And that tops off our list of freebie ideas that you can use to increase website visitors. Before diving into launching your offers though, here a few quick ethical guidelines on how to do it right:

1. Display your fine print - Avoid getting into some legal hot water by making sure that people can access your terms of service and privacy policy.

2. Make it easy for people to opt-out - Have a visible “cancel” or “unsubscribe” button that users can click in case they want to opt-out of your offer.

3. Respect people’s privacy - Users will likely give their name and email when redeeming your offer. Use that information wisely and keep it under wraps.


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