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Guest blogging is one of the most popular ways to build links, get more website traffic, and build thought leadership. That being said though, it’s important to remember that not all blogs are created equal, and you need to pick ones that are both high-trafficked and relevant in order to reap the full benefits of guest posting.

Typically, bloggers use sites such as Google or Alexa to find blogs to write for. But beyond those services, here are a few more tools you may want to check out as well:

Think of as an online magazine stand that surfaces the top sites and stories in any given topic. It collects headlines from the best sites and it aims to supplement people’s reading and learning experiences on the web.

In addition, Alltop allows you do discover blogs in a variety of industries. Topics are arranged in alphabetical order, so you can browse sites by letter. You can also do a search by entering a keyword into Alltop’s search box, and the site will give you a list of relevant topics. For instance, typing in the word “traffic” generates an array of results, including Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Paid Search, and even Autos (in case you’re referring to road traffic.)

Don’t let its domain name throw you off. Technorati goes beyond covering tech blogs or news; it aggregates and lists websites in just about every major category. Known as one of the most comprehensive blog search engines and directories on the web, Technorati indexes more than one million sites. It is used by countless individuals to find the top stories, news, and yes, blogs.

To find relevant sites to post on, just type in a keyword into the site’s search box. Technorati will then serve up a list of related websites, along with their rank number and authority scores to help you determine the site’s influence and relevancy to your topic.

Alternatively, you can also find sites simply clicking on relevant links on Technorati’s navigation menu and browsing through the blogs that it lists.


SimilarSites plugin

Available for Chrome and Firefox, Similar Sites is a browser plugin that helps you find websites relevant to the one you’re browsing. When you install the software, a SimilarSites button will appear on your browser and you can click it whenever you need to discover new sites.

Not too keen about downloading a browser add on? Just use its web app. Type in the URL of any website, hit search, and SimilarSites will generate a list of related blogs you can check out.



If you’re a pro who does it for a living, or if you have team of guest bloggers and link builders, then you may want to look into Buzzstream, a web-based software made for generating publicity and links. It streamlines the link building and guest posting process by allowing users to easily find, track, and measure sites to reach out to. It offers an array of tools for link prospect research, relationship management, outreach, backlink tracking and reporting, list building, and more.

Cost-wise, Buzzstream’s Starter package is priced at $29 per month. It also has Plus and Premium packages which cost $99 per month and $249 per month respectively.

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