How to Use Social Media to Find Blogs to Guest Post On

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Social Media Sites for Guest Blogging

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are highly effective for building relationships, discovering content, and searching for people, but when used correctly, you can also utilize them to find blogs to guest post on in order to increase website traffic to your site.

If you’ve already exhausted traditional site discovery services such as Google and Alexa, or special blogging tools such as Alltop, Technorati, and Buzzstream, then consider using social media to find even more blogs to write for.

Here’s how:


Start by liking company pages in your industry. For instance, if your niche is in graphic design, find other designers or design firms on Facebook and like their pages. You should then spend some time on each page and take note of the people and pages participating in the discussions. Are there any other pages liking or commenting on posts? Check them out and see if you can guest post for them.

Also be sure to check out each page’s like box and visit the other pages that they’ve liked. Doing so enables you to discover relevant pages and sites to write for.



This may sound obvious, but have you ever tried doing a direct search on Twitter for the keyword that you’re focusing on? The microblogging site has a pretty robust search function that’s effective in surfacing relevant Twitter profiles. Click-through those profiles, visit their websites, and see if they’re worth guest posting for.

Another route is by searching for a title of a relevant post and checking out the Twitter accounts of the people who shared it. For example, if you’re looking for blogs in gardening, you can type in the title of a relevant gardening article in the search box, and visit the profiles and websites of the people who shared it.

Do the same thing for relevant hashtags. Is there an industry-specific event going on? Search for its hashtag on Twitter, and then view the users participating in the conversation. Chances are, they own websites that you can write for.



One of the easiest ways to discover new blogs using LinkedIn is by clicking through the links posted on relevant groups. Members are always sharing their latest blog posts with their groups so if you’re not popping in every now and then to see what’s new, you could be missing out.

You can also do an article search on the site. Toggle with LinkedIn’s search function and change settings to “Articles”. Then, type in your keyword and LinkedIn will list relevant articles on the website. The key here is looking at the author profiles and finding out which company they’re from. If it’s related to your industry, visit their website and reach out to see if you can submit an article to their company blog.


Other blogs

Other blogs can be a gold mine for relevant sites. Most of them for instance, have a “blogroll” section that lists similar blogs. Be sure to go through that list and approach the ones in your niche.

You can also discover new websites in the blog’s comments section. Read a popular post, scroll down to the responses and check out the websites of those who weighed in. There’s a good chance that you’ll find your next guest blogging prospect there.


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