7 Action Steps to Get More Traffic in 2014

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Ready to make 2014 *your* year? The FullTraffic team’s got your back.

Below are 7 action steps to help you increase your website visitors and customers. Execute at least one of these tips correctly, and you’re bound to improve your traffic stats in 2014:

1. Target millennials

With around 80 million millennials (aka Gen Y) in the US alone, they represent the largest and most coveted market segment in existence. Don’t miss your chance to get in front of them.

Take steps to make your site more millennial-friendly. Examples of things you can do include promoting user-generated content, making your business mobile-compatible, speeding up your customer service, and more.

2. Align yourself with top influencers

Influencers are your industry’s thought leaders that have massive amounts of authority, followers, and traffic. In the coming months, resolve to get closer with at least one major influencer in your field.

You don’t have to be all chummy with them (although if you can manage to do that then by all means, go ahead.)  Getting closer with influencers can be as simple as being an active member of their community or being one of their mentees.

3. Create a content calendar

Having trouble regularly publishing content? You could probably use a little more planning. Create a content calendar for the year and fill it up with stuff that you can publish. By taking this step, you’ll get more organized and you’ll have an easier and faster time coming up with things to write about.

4. Ramp up your image and video strategy

The world is becoming more image-based, so make sure you keep up. Some suggestions on what you can do include ramping up your Pinterest strategy, posting more images on Facebook, creating infographics or memes, making sure all your blog posts contain at least one image, and producing more videos.

5. Implement live chat

Maybe the problem isn’t getting people into your site, but keeping them. If your visitor or customer retention rate is abysmal, you need to improve the speed and quality of your customer service.

One of the easiest way to do this is to have a live chat application. Aside from increasing your conversion rates, live chat can give you tons of insights about your visitors so you can work on improving your site and business.

6. Implement more targeting strategies

Not satisfied with the amount of traffic your site is getting? Perhaps you’re not being accurate enough with your targeting. Revisit the advertising and marketing campaigns you ran last year and see if you can tweak how you targeted visitors.

7. Put the spotlight on your audience

People love it when you pay attention to them, so be generous with the spotlight. Not only will it boost your website traffic, but it will increase loyalty as well.

Consider featuring your best visitors or clients on your blog and social media pages. For instance, a lot of brands run “Fan of the Week” promotions on their social pages to increase engagement and traffic. Note that you don’t have to give away anything in order for this to work. Often, attention and recognition are more than enough to make people smile.

Not a big fan of elaborate features or promotions? Putting the spotlight on your audience can be as simple as retweeting their messages or responding to their comments. These may be small and simple gestures, but they sure go a long when it comes to increasing traffic and retention.


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