7 MORE Action Steps You Can Take to Increase Website Visitors in 2014

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In our last blog post, we offered up 7 action steps that can get you more website traffic. In case you couldn’t get enough of them, below are seven more juicy tips to take your site strategy to next level in 2014:

1. Publish a guest post on at least one major blog

Make a list of high-trafficked websites in your niche and resolve to get on at least one of them. Regularly visit these websites, reach out to their audience, and build a relationship with the blog owners. Once you’ve accomplished that, really put some thought and effort in coming up with a worthy topic and writing a post that kicks butt.

2. Find more sites to like, follow, and comment on

Make new friends (and reel in more visitors) this 2014. Widen your online social circle and network by reaching out to more businesses, colleagues, and potential customers. By doing so, you’ll not only draw more attention to your website, but you might also discover great new people to partner up with.

3. Track and measure your traffic

Did you slack off when it comes to tracking your metrics in 2013? It’s time to change that. Pay close attention to your site’s numbers this year and be extra meticulous with regards to traffic sources and audience demographic.

Identify who your most common visitors are. Where are they coming from? What are the other websites that they visited? In what age, demographic, and socio-economic groups do they belong to? Get the answers to these questions and tailor your ad and marketing campaigns accordingly.

4. Run more tests

Are you putting ads and landing pages out there? Good for you. Now take the extra step and run tests on them.

Create multiple variations of your advertisements, landing pages, squeeze pages etc. and track the conversion rate of each. Yes, it takes a lot more time and effort, but you’ll get some valuable data out of those tests. You’ll get to see what works and what doesn’t and that will enable you to publish more effective and higher-converting offers.

5. Give away high-value freebies

Want more people to visit your page? Then give stuff away, no strings attached. You’ll impress people with your generosity, and that, in turn, will keep them coming back and will motivate them to spread the word about your site.

A quick word on free stuff, though: Make sure you’re giving away things or content of actual value. In other words, for your freebie to work and spread, people really need to get something out of it.

6. Run contests

There’s nothing like a little competition to get people going. If you want to boost the traffic and engagement level on your website, try running a giveaway for your audience.

7. Invite people to guest post on your website

Invite people to guest post to help fill up your editorial calendar. You’ll not only ramp up the content on your site, but you can get in front of new audiences as well. Your guest posters will surely be more than happy to share their posts, and this will open up the opportunity for more visitors.

Not only that, but guest bloggers are usually very grateful for the chance to publish with you, so by allowing more people to post on your website, you’re building partnerships and relationships as well.

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