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Getting more website visitors is important, but also remember that keeping them is just as--if not more--essential. You can buy traffic as much as you want, but if your site is sending users packing, all the money and hard work that you’ve put into your campaigns will be for nothing. To avoid that, implement the following traffic retention strategies on your website:

Publish irresistible content

Spammy or filler posts don’t just hurt you SEO-wise, they pretty much guarantee that visitors won’t come back to your site. Avoid posting them at all costs. Instead, strive to publish high-quality and educational content. Write articles that your audience cares about and can learn from.

Yes, it will take time and commitment but the payoff is certainly worth it. When users get a load of your high-value content, they’ll not only share it, but they’ll come back for more.

Now, we can go on and on about how to produce kick-ass content, but we’ve pretty much done that in our previous articles. If you’re looking for ways to up your content strategy, the following posts should help you do the trick:

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Improve formatting

Looks matter. You could publish the best blog post in the world, but if the formatting sucks, no one is going to bother with it. Take note that writing for an online audience requires that you format the text in a way that would make it easy for people to scan content. Here are some ways to help you do just that:

- Use headers that tell readers exactly what an article section is all about
- Keep sentences short and concise whenever possible.
- The same goes for your paragraphs. Keep them under five lines whenever you can. Big chunks of text look unattractive to readers.
- Utilize images and videos. Have at least one image/video for each article
- Make use of bullet points or lists when it makes sense

Put them on a clicking spree

Did you create a lot of great-looking and informative pieces? Great. Now it’s time to showcase them on your site. When you write a blog post, don’t just hit the publish button and leave it at that. Link back to it in future blog posts. This, for obvious reasons, will keep people on your website longer.

Another technique to get the same effect is to include a list of relevant articles at the bottom of each post. Put something along the lines of “If you liked this article, you may also enjoy... [insert list of posts here]”. Examples of websites doing this include Mashable and Forbes. Use a program such as Zemanta to accomplish this.

By the way, the bottom of each post isn’t the only place to put an article list. Consider adding a rundown of popular posts in the sidebar of your site to give people the chance to discover your other content pieces.

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