How to Make Your Banner Ads Perform Exponentially Better (Part 1)

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Banner Ads

Banner ads are a staple in the online advertising industry and for good reason: not only are they effective in building brand recognition, but they can also increase website traffic at relatively lower prices.

But as great as they are, companies using banner ads need to adopt a more competitive and imaginative mindset when creating and launching their campaigns. In this day and age, you need to go beyond simply creating an ad and putting it on a publisher’s website. If you really want your target audience to notice you, you need to make your banners pop.

Here are a few ways to help you do just that:

Use psychology tactics

Find out what’s going on inside the minds of your target audience and apply what you learned in your ads.

For instance, when it comes to colors, studies have shown that people often associate the color blue with stability, which is why most banks use that color in their materials. Black on the other hand, denotes class and luxury and that’s probably the reason why most high-end retailers make use of the color in their materials. And for obvious reason, the color pink is often associated with being feminine, romantic, and delicate.

When talking about lines and shapes, research has found that the brain prefers curved edges over hard corners. As PandoDaily pointed out:

One company, NeuroFocus, performed several studies for retailers and food manufacturers and found that test subjects preferred in-store displays with rounded edges over those with sharper edges. In one instance, when these new rounded displays were rolled out to replace traditional store shelving, sales rose 15 percent.

Do your own research with regard to what shapes, sizes, and colors appeal most to your target customers and include those elements into your banner ads.

Put discount codes on your banner ads

Veer away from generic “click here” and “buy now” messages, and entice people with discounts instead. If you want users to click through your website, you need to give them a stronger incentive to do so. And an irresistible offer like a generous discount or even a freebie could be just the thing that would get people’s attention.

The key here is to advertise the offer, and not the business. The next time you’re designing your banner ads, be sure to highlight the discounts or free items that users can get, instead of just bragging about your company. If you’re running an ecommerce site for example, include the discount cod in the banner ad itself to further raise your CTRs and increase website traffic.

Show people exactly what they’re looking for

This tactic is particularly effective for companies running retargeting ads (which are ads that are only shown to people who previously visited a website). Smart companies using retargeting take their ads a step further by displaying the exact items that each user has looked at.

For instance, if Jane Doe heads to your ecommerce site to look at wedding dresses but leaves without completing her purchase, you can display retargeting ads that show the same dresses that Jane previously viewed to remind her to come back to the website.

When running these ads, consider implementing this strategy instead of displaying impersonal banners.


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