How to Make Your Banner Ads Perform Exponentially Better (Part 2)

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In part 1, we discussed banner ad tactics you can implement to increase site visitors. We talked about what you need to incorporate in your ads to really make them pop. In this second installment, we’re going to go a bit deeper. Instead of just suggesting what you should show users, this post will offer recommendations on what you need to do and say to fully grab their attention--and clicks.

Make users laugh

Every other advertiser out there is putting out “buy now” messages, and users have learned to ignore ads of that nature. Consider going against the grain in your display ad campaign. Instead of the usual promotional messages, try comedy.

Humor is often injected in commercials and video ads, but we don’t see enough of it in banner ads. Which is a shame, because if you can manage to make users laugh, you can pretty much guarantee that they’ll pay attention to what you have to say.

Consider what Pringles did. In 2009, the popular snack created a banner ad so clickable, users did it again, and again, and again. How? Instead of taking users to a generic landing page, the Pringles banner ad simply displayed a different witty remark every time the user clicked on it. The banner ad told a story with each click and people just couldn’t get enough. Above is a screen capture of the banner. To see in action, you can try it out for yourself here. Go ahead and see if you can stop clicking.

We’re not saying that you should get rid of your landing pages and what not. (You don’t want to be the Pringles copycat, after all.) But do take a cue from the company and find ways to inject some comedy into your ad campaign.

Try educating users instead of just selling to them

Not much of a comedian? Maybe you can be a teacher instead. Use your banner ads to promote free content that can educate your customers. For example, if you’re selling earrings, you could offer an ebook about choosing the right jewelry pieces for different face shapes. If you’re a B2B company, a report about ways to grow a business could also be an enticing offer.

That’s actually what PRWeb did. In one of its banner ads, the press release distribution company advertised its free report instead of its publicity packages.

Be helpful and conversational

In the retail industry, pushy salespeople who constantly shove products into customers’ faces have been replaced by chill store associates whose goal is to be helpful and friendly rather than salesy. The same principle must be applied in banner ads.

Do away with those obvious “in your face” ads and instead focus on being helpful. Put the spotlight on the benefits that people can get out of your products or services and communicate those benefits using non-pushy or salesy language.

Take a look at the banner above. Instead of hard-selling its college savings plan, the AARP decided to take a more family-centric route and focused on the relationship of their target audience with their grandchildren.

See if you can implement a similar approach in your campaigns.

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