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It’s important to note that when you’re buying website traffic, the success of your campaign doesn’t just depend on your ads, your budget, or the technical capabilities of the network. While all those aspects matter a lot, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that your relationship with your ad network can also impact the performance of your campaigns.

At FullTraffic, we believe that we can achieve advertiser and publisher success by communicating and collaborating with our users. That’s why we always welcome feedback from those who buy and sell traffic through our system. Because the more we know about you and your traffic goals, the better we can help.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding any questions or concerns about buying traffic. We welcome all types of feedback. Not sure what to talk to us about? Here are a few topics to get you started:


Your previous experience

If you bought traffic from another ad network in the past, we’d love to learn about your experiences. What were the things that you didn’t like about your previous vendor? What were the aspects that you did like? By sharing these things, you’re helping us improve our services. If we know what you like and don’t like, we are able to improve your campaigns so that they meet your standards.


Your audience

Who are you targeting? Tell us about your customers and we can offer suggestions on what targeting features to get and which channels to advertise on. The FullTraffic team is composed of professionals who have a lot of experience in buying and selling traffic, so you can be sure that we are more than qualified to offer suggestions on which products and features to purchase. Telling us about your audience also helps us match you with the right publishers, thus improving your campaigns.


Your business

We’d love to learn more about your company as well as the products or services that you offer. Again, by sharing this information, we can get to know you better and offer advertising advice or suggestions.

FullTraffic has worked with numerous companies in just about every industry, and by telling us about what your business, we’ll be able to share insights on what worked (and what didn’t) for companies similar to yours.


Your goals

Tell us about what you want to achieve. What is your purpose for buying traffic? Do you want to increase visitors at a global scale? Are you targeting a specific country? Share your thoughts with us and we will optimize your campaigns for maximum results.


Your budget

By telling us about your budget, we’ll be able to maximize your ad spend and help you get more bang from your buck. We’ll be able to suggest the most cost-effective packages for your needs and we’ll make sure that you spend your money wisely.

We can even tell you about any discounts or offers that you qualify for. FullTraffic often runs contest and promotions that give advertisers a chance to get traffic a lower rate—sometimes even for free.

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