How to Encourage Loyalty From Your Website Visitors

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Visitors to your Website

After paying for traffic, you don't want that traffic to show up only once. You want them to visit your site often and bring their friends along, too. That sort of online behavior doesn't just happen; you have to make sure to provide incentives to encourage people to be loyal. Reward your online website traffic with specials or free offers when they do something that demonstrates their loyalty. The types of actions that can be targeted include: repeat buys, referrals, and promoting your brand on social networking sites.

Get Repeat Sales

Whether you are a restaurant that has a website online or an e-commerce Internet shop, you want to instigate the repeat sale. Research shows that it is far easier to sell to existing customers than it is to find a new customer. Thus, it's important to give them every opportunity to make a repeat sale. This can be done as quickly as the minute after the first sale is made. You can send them confirmation and a thank you email or page link with a discount coupon for their next purchase. It can be done via virtual punch card sites that track how many purchases a person makes with your business and how much they spend. You can set the rewards up to make sure your customers are encouraged to either buy more or make more purchases or both.

Help Them to Tell a Friend

Another way that you can exploit the website traffic that comes to your site is to ask them for a referral once a sale has been made. Or, if you use a social networking login to your site, you can make it easy to help them tell a friend when they sign up or when they finally buy something from you. All you have to do is ask for permission to do so during the sign up process. If you are trying to build more customer loyalty, make sure to reward those who do take the time to refer your business to their friends or followers. An easy way to get many referrals without necessarily rewarding each one is to enter their name in a big prize contest if they do take actions to tell their friends and followers about your business.

Likes, Shares, and Comments

Word-of-mouth online tends to congregate in social networking sites and online reviews. Make your blog content shareable and ask your friends and followers to promote your content if they like it by hitting the like button, sharing it on their own status updates, or commenting in the comments section. If you are not generating the types of interactions that promote your brand and show loyalty, create a contest that requires these actions and offer rewards for people who comply. If they subscribe to your online content, it is one step closer to making a sale and it helps to increase your online reputation. Large subscriber counts will also attract others who notice the online crowd and decide there must be something worth sticking around for if others have already made that decision. Realize that even these types of actions should be acknowledged by thanking your subscribers and offering them specials and

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